SHOW RESULTS - 9/20 WWE in Lexington, Ky.: Orton vs. Bryan begins weekend tour, Punk vs. Axel, MITB cash-in teaser, Zayn/Generico on-tour, more

Sep 21, 2013 - 12:08:02 AM

WWE Live show results; September 20, 2013; Lexington, Ky.

Report by Cheston Caldwell, PWTorch reader

Attendance: The top section was empty and there were a lot of gaps in some areas. It was probably two-thirds of the way full in the areas that tickets were sold. But, the crowd was really loud and really into the show, which was really good.

(5) Rob Van Dam beat Alberto Del Rio by DQ; Del Rio retained the World Title.

Afterward, World Title MITB holder Damien Sandow teased cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase. Reports 10/article_73494.shtml#.Uj2Lc39VtRQ

WWE Live Event Results (9/20): Lexington, KY; Sami Zayn, The Wyatt Family In-Action

by Nick Paglino September 21, 2013

Thanks to Brandon Howard for sending in the following:

World Heavyweight Title match Alberto Del Rio vs. RVD

RVD comes out to a loud ovation. Match mostly dominated by Del Rio, who asks for A-D-R chants instead of R-V-D chants to no avail. Match ends in a DQ when Del Rio wouldn’t break the cross-arm breaker when RVD was in the ropes. After the match, RVD hits Del Rio with some spinning kicks, which prompts Damien Sandow to run in and attempt to CASH IN MONEY IN THE BANK! Sandow hands the ref the briefcase, but RVD hits a kick off the top rope on Sandow before the bell rang, preventing the MITB being cashed in.

Winner by DQ: RVD

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