SHOW RESULTS - 10/5 WWE in Albany, N.Y.: Detailed second report on Punk-Heyman, MITB cash-in tease, crowd size, more

Oct 6, 2013 - 12:18:54 AM

WWE Live show results; October 5, 2013; Albany, N.Y.

Report by Kevin Burke, PWTorch reader

The Times Union Center in Albany welcomed WWE on Saturday night and I decided to take my 13-year-old daughter to her first-ever live show. The place was half-full. The entire upper deck was curtained off, and there were large clumps of empty chairs throughout the venue. We were on the floor and even there I had no one sitting directly next to me. Still, I felt the people who showed up did a good job of making some noise. The crowd was family-friendly (almost everyone had kids with them) and every reaction was exactly what WWE wants out of its audience, i.e. cheering the faces and booing the heels.

(5) Rob Van Dam defeated World Hvt. champion Alberto Del Rio via DQ; Del Rio retained the World Title. Even with the tiny crowd, the pop for RVD was ear-splitting. No Ricardo, though. This was the best match of the night even though it was obvious the World Title wouldn’t change hands on a non-televised show the night before a pay-per-view. The match ended after a blatant low blow from Del Rio.

Post-match, Del Rio tried to use a chair, but RVD kicked it into his face. Then, he put the title belt on Del Rio’s chest and gave him the Five-Star Frogsplash. Sandow raced down to the ring with a ref and was about to cash in his World Title MITB briefcase, but RVD super-kicked him in the face to stop it. I don’t know why he wouldn’t want a guy who just lost to Justin Gabriel to become champion. I guess it would be too easy.

Overall, as a “smart” fan who does things like read PWTorch, I would give this show a C, but as a father taking his daughter out for a relatively cheap night, which she really enjoyed, I’d give it an A. RVD and C.M. Punk were definitely the stars of the night, getting the most buzz they possibly could out of a largely empty arena. Reports 10/article_73756.shtml#.UlFKolPceLs


By Eric Sturrock on 2013-10-06 08:37:01

I went to the WWE Live Event at the Times Union Center, in Albany, New York Saturday Night. This was the emptiest I have ever seen the Times Union Center for wrestling. The ring announcer for the show was Josh Matthews.

5th Match: Alberto Del Rio(World) vs Rob Van Dam for the World Championship Title. Referee Ryan Tran.

Alberto got the 3rd loudest cheers of the night. Alberto taunted multiple fans as he took his time coming down to the ring. RVD got the 2nd loudest cheers of the night. Fun back & forth match. Some near falls. Alberto tried to leave at one point but RVD stopped him. Alberto caused a DQ by hitting RVD with a low blow. Matthews announced RVD as the winner but Alberto still champion. Alberto went towards Josh and took his chair. Alberto ran towards RVD missed him hit the turnbuckle and RVD kicked the chair in his face. RVD put the world title on Alberto, and hit the frog splash on Alberto & the Title. Damien Sandow carrying his briefcase came running down to the ring with Marc Harris, Damian handed Harris the case but walked into a kick from RVD and then a frog splash. Damien and Alberto left. RVD posed with the title and then walked around ringside shaking hands and talking to every fan at ringside and then went towards 2 sections of seating by the ramp.

Second Set of WWE House Show Results 10.05.13 - Albany, New York

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 10.06.2013

Not great attendance at the Times Union Center. The floor and lower bowl were probably 75 percent full. Lots of children and child-like adults.

Rob Van Dam beat Alberto Del Rio by DQ. RVD was over big-time with the crowd. After a good, competitive match, ADR hit a low blow to retain the World Title the easy way. Post-match, RVD hit the Van Daminator and put the World Title plate-up on Del Rio before hitting the 5-Star Frogsplash.

Damien Sandow’s music hit and he teased a cash-in, but ate a superkick and a 5-Star Frogsplash from RVD. RVD celebrated with the crowd through two cycles of his entrance theme.

Biggest pops: C.M. Punk Rob Van Dam

Most heat: Paul Heyman Alberto Del Rio Damien Sandow

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