By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-06 20:25:00

Welcome to PWInsider.com’s live, ongoing coverage of the first-ever WWE Battleground PPV from Buffalo, NY.

They went off the air showing RVD and Alberto walking in the halls backstage like they were going to commercial before the next Raw segment.

Hardcore Rules: World champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam (with Alberto Del Rio)

They went right into the crazy spots as RVD DDT’d Del Rio on a chair for a two count. Del Rio tossed RVD into the buckles and nailed a Backstabber for a two count. Del Rio drilled him across the back with the chair. The announcers discussed that they were both former Money in the Bank cash-in winners as a way to tease Damien Sandow could cash in tonight.

Van Dam fought back but was beaten down with a series of kicks to the back and face. He wedged a chair in the corner but was caught by RVD with a spinkick. Rob nailed a guillotine legdrop on ADR, who was draped over the apron.

RVD pulled a ladder out from under the ring, which garnered an “ECW” chant. Del Rio tried to stop him from bringing it into the ring but was fought off and nailed with a Ryder Kick off the ropes. RVD placed the ladder in the corner and sent ADR into it. Del Rio took a nasty spill over the top to the floor.

Van Dam brought Alberto into the ring for a two count. He whipped ADR into the ladder again, then nailed a spinkick. RVD went for his somersault into a monkey flip but ADR moved and Rob landed on the ladder. ADR nailed an enziguiri into RVD, who fell with the ladder landing atop of him.

With Van Dam down, ADR worked him over and mocked his thumb-posing routine. He brought a trash can into the ring and beat Van Dam with it over and over again. Del Rio came off the ropes with the can but RVD dropkicked it into him in mid-air.

They battled back and forth in the ring with ADR getting the better of the exchange. RVD ducked a clothesline and nailed one of his own. He placed a ladder on the mat in one of the corners. RVD slammed ADR on the ladder and went to the ropes for the split-legged moonsault. RVD nailed it and covered Del Rio for another two count.

Van Dam nailed several strikes and placed ADR on a ladder. He went for Rolling Thunder but ADR moved and RVD crashed and burned. ADR locked on the rolling armbar. Ricardo hit the ring and nailed Del Rio with the bucket he carries since there was no DQ. ADR went after him but RVD rolled him up for a two count. ADR tossed RVD out of the ring and began yelling at Ricardo, who was in the ring. Ricardo began acting upset like he was going to do whatever ADR wanted, then kicked him low and nailed ADR with the bucket.

ADR went to the floor. Ricardo followed but was nailed and kicked Ricardo. He flung him backwards into the barrier and kicked him hard in the face. ADR went to bring the ladder back into the ring but RVD nailed a sliding kick into it. ADR went down to the floor with the ladder atop him. Van Dam nailed the frog splash off the apron, hurting himself as he crushed the ladder into ADR.

Van Dam finally brought ADR into the ring and teased the Van Terminator. He went for it but Del Rio got out of the way at the last second. Van Dam cracked his head hard on the mat. Del Rio set up a chair but was caught with a jawbreaker. RVD went after him but was hit with a drop toehold into the chair. ADR kicked him in the head, then stomped RVD with the chair around his arm. He locked in the cross armbreaker and finally RVD tapped

Your winner and still World champion Alberto Del Rio!

A good opener, especially if you like plunder and crazy spots. There were some really, really stiff shots during this one. A lot of hard work in this one.


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