Raw results: Bryan and Big Show take care of business, and John Cena’s return is announced


October 07, 2013

Ricardo Rodriguez def. World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio

It’s not a typo: One night after his new buddy Rob Van Dam was brutalized into submission by Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez avenged his pal’s (and his own) humiliation when Vickie Guerrero named him the surprise opponent for the World Heavyweight Champion on Raw.

Granted, he had some help: A sudden, blockbuster announcement from Vickie left the champion so gobsmacked that Ricardo was able to capitalize, springing a surprise rollup on his former jefe for the 1-2-3. The Essence of Excellence wasn’t about to let his old buddy’s win go unpunished, though, and he quickly cut Ricardo’s celebration short with another hellacious beatdown of his former ring announcer.

Oh, and as for that announcement that left Del Rio so furious? It was Vickie’s announcement of his new No. 1 contender at Hell in a Cell … John Cena.