By David Pee on 2013-10-10 22:02:48

We open with Sweet T on commentary to start with Tom Philips and Alex Riley, who has a comedically simple video entrance (only his name).

The Peep Show is here at Full Sail, and Christian is here to bring out World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio is quick to brag about his Summerslam win, and Christian reminds him that he’s set to face the one and only John Cena. Will Del Rio be in the right mindset to defend his title?

Of course he will. He “can beat John Cena any day of the week”, just like he can beat Christian any day of the week. Del Rio wants to fight but Christian won’t let him change the subject. Christian asks the crowd if they think Del Rio is afraid of Cena, and when they agree, Christian asks if anyone in the locker room agrees. Rusev and his mystery blonde escort come out and run their mouths in Russian and Bulgarian respectively. Rusev says (according to Christian, whose concussion has allowed him to learn multiple languages) that both John Cena and Rusev can beat ADR. Del Rio tries to cheap shot Christian, but he ends up in Rusev’s face. ADR sneaks out of the ring but Ricarco runs down the ramp and he ends up throwing Del Rio to Rusev, who knocks him silly. Christian sends the people home happy with Ricardo and Rusev in the ring, but Rusev has the last laugh when he knocks Ricardo flat.

Christian And ADR Appear After Last Night’s NXT Tapings, Tatsu Works Dark Match, NXT Commentary

By Marc Middleton | October 11, 2013

The segment after last night’s tapings ended saw Christian host The Peep Show with World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio, who talked about how he will beat John Cena at Hell In a Cell. This led to Alexander Rusev coming out. Del Rio said he could beat both Christian and Rusev, and tried to get a cheap shot in on Christian. Del Rio escaped the ring but Ricardo Rodriguez ran out and threw him back to the ring where Rusev was. Rusev laid Del Rio out to end the segment but not before he also knocked out Ricardo.

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