By Michelle Perlman on 2013-10-14 00:00:55

WWE returned to Philadelphia, PA on 10/13. Here’s my report:

No one sat in the upper level and arena was only 40% full if that. Tony Chimel was the announcer.

  1. Alberto Del Rio vs The Great Kahli. ADR would not let Chimel announce and instead had local ring announcer Stephan Theodore Benson announce him to a standing ovation!! Congrats to Stephan on a job well done. His announcing was the only good thing about this match. No matter how hard ADR worked, he was fighting Khali and noone was into the match. After what seemed like forever, Khali won by DQ when Del Rio hit him in the stomach with a chair. Khali delivers the Khali chop to ADR and Damien Sandow came down to cash in, only to also get the Khali chop. Time for intermission.

This had to be one of the worst house shows I have ever been to. Only 3 matches were worth watching. I think WWE needs to learn to divide their talent up better when they send their employees overseas. Hopefully when I go to the Holiday tour in December, I will have a better review.


WWE House Show Results 10.13.13 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 10.13.2013

The Great Khali beat Alberto Del Rio by DQ in a World Heavyweight Championship match. Why Khali? Anyway, Del Rio had lots of heat. Khali is loved by kids. Del Rio had someone else do his introduction in the ring. Del Rio played the chicken heel early. Great Khali won via DQ after Del Rio used a chair. After the match, Khali laid out Del Rio with a chop. Out came Sandow with the briefcase, but Khali chopped him before he could cash in.

Notes: I had a fun time. I spent $35 per ticket but it was a birthday gift for my girlfriend and she was happy. I would definitely go to another house show.


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