SHOW RESULTS - 10/20 WWE in Tupelo, Miss.: Del Rio defends World Title vs. new challenger, Punk vs. Heyman & Axel main event, Mysterio makes unadvertised appearance, more

Oct 21, 2013 - 12:52:47 AM

WWE Live results; October 20, 2013; Tupelo, Miss.

Report by James O. & Kyle Niblett, PWTorch readers

The arena holds about 10,000 and the crowd was about half capacity. It was down from last August’s house show with John Cena as top bill.

(4) World Hvt. champion Alberto Del Rio beat R-Truth in a No DQ match to retain the World Title. The crowd was really into Truth, who went through a table during the match. Del Rio’s nose got busted up and one of R-Truth’s rings on his head was ripped off and he bled quite a bit (nowhere near a crimson mask). But, with about five minutes left, a doctor with medical gloves came down to check on Truth.

After the match, Del Rio continued to attack Truth, but Rey Mysterio made a surprise appearance to make the save. Damien Sandow came out to cash in his MITB briefcase, but Mysterio and Truth returned to the ring and thwarted that attempt. It was pretty disappointing that Sandow was in ring gear, but did not wrestle match.

Biggest Pops: (1) Punk, (2) R-Truth, (3) Rey Mysterio.

Most Heat: (1) Paul Heyman (by far), (2) A.J. Lee, (3) Alberto Del Rio. Reports 10/article_74035.shtml#.UmTu-lOSBK9

WWE Live Event Results (10/20): Tupelo, MS; Mysterio Appears, Punk/Axel Extreme Rules Match & More

by Nick Paglino October 21, 2013

Thanks to “HvyMetalZombie” Moore for sending this in. You can follow him on Twitter @HvyMetalZombie.

The show started off with Lillian Garcia welcoming us and singing the national anthem, very well, might I add.

World Heavyweight Championship match - No DQ

Alberto Del Rio defeated R-Truth by way of pinfall of the superkick to the face.

This was an interactive match stipulation. We were allowed the option to vote for the match to be either No DQ or 2 out of 3 Falls. Pretty cool to see WWE take this to their non-televised shows as well. Lots of great action: Kendo Sticks, chairs, the steel steps, and even tables were using in this match. Del Rio picked up the victory after putting R-Truth through a table in the corner and hitting the superkick to the face.

Del Rio taunts us in the crowd and makes Truth pay, but Rey Mysterio returns to make the save! They set Del Rio up and Rey hits the 619 with ease. As R-Truth and Mysterio enter the back, Damien Sandow’s music hits, and he runs into the ring and they tease a cash-in. Truth and Mysterio come and make the save and layout Sandow followed by both men holding the World Championship to the crowd for a huge pop. Rey then stares intensely at the title and leaves.

Biggest pops of the night:

  1. CM Punk
  2. Rey Mysterio
  3. Prime Time Players
  4. R-Truth
  5. Zack Ryder
  6. Los Matadores

Biggest heat of the night:

  1. Paul Heyman
  2. AJ Lee
  3. Wade Barrett
  4. 3MB
  5. Hunico

Del Rio had zero… Zero reaction at this show.

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