By Richard Trionfo on 2013-10-25 22:00:54

We begin this week’s show with a look back at Triple H and Stephanie hosting Raw and the opening segment that featured an appearance by Big Show . . . until Stephanie turned off the feed. Then we see footage of the contract signing between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, featuring an appearance from Big Show in a truck.

We are in Birmingham, Alabama and your announcers are John ‘Best for Business’ Layfield and Michael ‘Hell in an Announce Table’ Cole.

Michael asks Hunter if he can talk about the World Title Match between Alberto Del Rio and John Cena.

Hunter say that he cannot wait for the return of John Cena. Hunter says that he knows what it is like to come back from that devastating an injury. He is looking forward to the World Champion defend his title against John Cena. He says that it will be epic.

We are back with a video game recreation of what could happen between John Cena and Alberto Del Rio at Hell in a Cell.

We have a video package about John Cena, because he is coming back on Sunday.

Michael points out that John Cena has a history of coming back early from injuries.

We are back and Alberto Del Rio makes his way to the stage and he has a flag with him.

Alberto says on Sunday at Hell in a Cell, he is going to prove to everyone that John Cena is fooling himself. John Cena is not ready to face the World Champion. Alberto says that John Cena thinks that he is like Superman, but he asks John if he is losing his mind.

Alberto says that he is a real life Mexican superhero. He says that he stands for loyalty, for justice, and the Mexican way. At this moment in Mexico, they are throwing parades for him, building statutes in his honor, and they are naming children after him. Alberto says the Mexican people love Alberto Del Rio.

He says that he will be honest for all of them. He says that he only speaks for those who share his class and sophistication. That is why he does not speak for any of the people in the crowd. They have their own hero. They have John Cena. John has his blue eyes and pale skin. He is a perfect representation of a gringo. That is why on Sunday at Hell in the Cell, he will put John in the cross arm breaker and never let go.

Alberto says that the gringos and peasants from his country have one thing in common. They can go and kiss his ass.


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