By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-27 20:05:00

Welcome to’s live, ongoing coverage of the 2013 WWE Hell In A Cell PPV from Miami, Florida.

We opened up with a shot of the Cell hanging above the ring, then went to the panel of Josh Mathews, Kaitlyn, R-Truth and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler said that he’s most intriguing thing on the show tonight is Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena and the possibility of whether Damien Sandow will cash in,

World champion Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena

Cena looked excited when he came out for his entrance.

Del Rio went right after the elbow and Cena went to the floor to check the guard he was wearing. Cena returned to the ring and locked in a side headlock. He shoulderblocked ADR down but hurt his arm. He backed into the corner. ADR went after him but the referee stopped him as Cena slipped through the ropes. Cena checked his arm and locked up with ADR but was attacked and drilled with a series of rights. Del Rio went right after the arm. Cena tried to defend himself and slugged it out with the champ, the nailed a bulldog for a two count.

Del Rio dropkicked Cena and knocked him to the apron, then hit a sprinting kick to the bad arm. He slammed the arm into the steel ring steps. Del Rio unloaded with offense, beating Cena with measured kicks and shots. Cena tried to maneuver him into the STF but was kicked off and grabbed for a German suplex.

ADR covered Cena for a two count, then locked in a hammerlock. ADR worked on John’s arm, trying to wear it down for the cross armbreaker. The announcers talked about how Cena may have come back too soon. Cena used the bad arm to set up throwing off ADR and dropkicked him. ADR kicked him down before he could really build any true momentum. ADR went to the ropes and came off with a flying strike for a two count, then went right back to the arm.

Cena avoided a ADR charge and the champ took a nasty bump through the ropes to the floor. Cena went to grab him but was snapped on the ropes throat-first. ADR went to the ropes but was dropkicked as he came down.

Cena made the comeback with a series of shoulderblocked and went for the five knuckle shuffle, nailing it. He went for the Attitude Adjustment but ADR slipped behind him and nailed the Backcracker for a two count. ADR went for the rolling armbreaker but Cena shoved him off. Cena missed a charge in the corner but came back with a tornado DDT off the top.

Cena went to the top but was caught with a leaping enziguiri. They showed Damien Sandow in the back ready to run to the ring. ADR missed another kick and Cena went for the STF. They went into a good back and forth sequence that ended with a tilotowhirl backbreaker on Cena for a two count.

Del Rio turned Cena upside down in the corner but when he charged for a diving attack, Cena pulled himself up and ADR nailed the ringpost. Cena nailed a flying bodypress for a two count. Cena went to grab ADR but was drilled down on his bad arm. ADR locked on the cross armbreaker but Cena rolled through and turned it into an STF. ADR was able to touch the ropes so it was broken.

ADR nailed a superkick on Cena, then followed up with another. ADR covered him for a two count. He locked the cross armbreaker on Cena. Cena tried to block it but failed and it was sunk in deep. Cena teased submitting, then rolled it over and pulled up ADR into a powerbomb, Carlos Newton style.

Cena went for the Atttude Adustment. Del Rio tried to break free but was caught again and nailed with it for the pin.

Your winner and new WWE World champion, John Cena!

If you like John Cena matches, you liked this. They told a nice story and had some good exchanges. It’s pretty amazing that Cena was back at that form.

Cena got teary-eyed after the match. He told JBL, “You were wrong. I’m good


By Dave Scherer on 2013-10-27 20:11:05

Welcome to tonight’s Hell In A Cell blog. Not much happened on the pre-show other than Kofi Kingston beat Damien Sandow. The fans voted Undertaker Mr. Hell In A Cell, by a wide margin. That was pretty much it.

World Title match time. ADR came out first, John Cena second. Cena got a big cheer at first, then loud boos. The same thing happened when he was introduced by Lilian Garcia. She introduced ADR en Espanol.

The match started with ADR in control but it didn’t take long for Cena to come back. By the way, as mentioned earlier Cena is, smartly, wearing the protective sleeve. They quickly went back to ADR on top. The early story is that “Cena maybe have come back too soon”.

They showed Damien Sandow in the back, watching the match with his briefcase in hand. He can cash in you know! … Cena made his big comeback and hit a lot of big moves. He went to the top but ADR hit the kick to the head. He set up for second but Cena moved. ADR got a two off of a tilt a whirl backbreaker. … The story is Cena isn’t 100 percent. Cena is selling that the left after isn’t 100 percent it seems. … ADR went to hit Cena in the corner but he moved and ADR missed. Cena hit a cross body from the top. FYI, Cena is using the arm at times, so he is selling. Out of nowhere, Cena locked on the STF. ADR reached for the ropes. He got his fingers on the rope. Break the hold. ADR went on the offensive with kicks and got a two count. ADR locked on the cross arm breaker. Cena locked it out but ADR brock the lock. ADR pulled down the sleeve and Cena went prone for a two count. Cena then did a SICK power out and dumped ADR on his back. AA followed, John Cena is your new World Heavyweight Champion and king of the other house show tour that until now couldn’t draw. It will now. Damien ain’t coming out folks. They had a good match. I didn’t like that ADR got sacrificed but you know how WWE is with Cena.

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