By Richard Trionfo on 2013-10-28 23:02:51

Last night at Hell in a Cell, CM Punk defeated Ryback and Paul Heyman, but Punk did not get his chance at Paul Heyman until after the match ended. The other Hell in a Cell Match was for the WWE Title and Shawn Michaels stuck his foot into the match while Hunter stuck his face in the way of Daniel Bryan’s knee.

We are in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Jerry ‘Keeping it warm for the other guys’ Lawler, Michael ‘Full Sail’ Cole, and John ‘Do You Know that I am the GM of NXT’ Layfield.

CM Punk and Ryback will be wrestling later tonight, you get to pick the stipulation (Street Fight, Falls Count Anywhere, or Tables Match).

The new World Champion makes his way to the ring.

Cena says that he is used to that sound. He says that means that he is back. He asks if everyone missed him. There are some people who are happy and some who are upset. There are some skeptics who think he might have come back too early. There is one skeptic in here he wants to thank.

He addresses JBL. He had to listen to him every week he was home say that John is making the career mistake of a lifetime. If he comes back, Alberto Del Rio will put him back on the shelf after one match.

Cena says that John Layfield was wrong and the new World Champ is here. He says that he knows what the World Title means. He is also back as the Friday night delight on Smackdonw. A fews ago, the fans thought they were getting John Cena for a special appearance when WWE goes to Europe. Instead he is going to compete as the World Champion.

John says that he has to take care of his arm, but that is why there is ice and why there are doctors.

John says that there is another celebration tonight. The WWE Champion’s celebration is later. We get to celebrate Randy Orton. We will get to listen to a lot of people talking so John says that he is going to stop. John says that he is back. Alberto gave him a hell of a match and he wanted to put John on the shelf. Alberto has a rematch, but if he wants to get some . . . come get some.

Damien Sandow’s music plays and he has his briefcase. Sandow makes his way to the ring.

Damien says that the Uncrowned Champion is here. Damien tells John that he is not fooling the unwashed masses. Maybe he is. Maybe he can fool the WWE Medical staff. John is not fooling him. It is humanly possible for a triceps to heal in the amount of time that he was gone. He saw what Alberto did to him last night. Damien says that he knows that John is more hurt than he is letting on.

John is out here saying what he is saying because John is afraid that Damien will cash in on him. Damien tells John that he can cash in any time . . . any place. Like right now. . . then again, any night but tonight.

Sandow kicks Cena and hits him with the briefcase. Sandow hits Cena with the case in the injured arm. Sandow pulls Cena towards the ring post and he wrings the arm into the post. Damien tells Cena to ‘Rise Above This’ and then he sends Cena into the ringside barrier.

Cena is sent shoulder first into the ring steps. Sandow gets a chair and he readjusts the ring steps. Sandow puts the arm on the ring step and then he uses the chair on the arm.

Damien goes into the ring and he calls for the referee.

We are back and we see how Damien Sandow joined John Cena as the only men to fail to cash in the Money in the Bank Briefcase.

Alberto Del Rio comes out to the stage with a giant Mexican flag.

Alberto says that he does not care what that stupid gringo Damien Sandow did or did not do, he only cares about beating John Cena. Last night, John Cena stole his World Heavyweight Title. Tonight, John Cena got the victory so it means that he gets his rematch. He will make John pay. He will hurt John and he will hurt him back.

The injured arm is his target. He will attack it over and over and over until he breaks it. The World Title belongs to him. He says that you already know that.


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