Tanner Chats With WWE Star Alberto Del Rio


November 5, 2013 10:35 AM

onight, the WWE Smackdown is back in Charlotte and this morning we had a chance to talk to Alberto Del Rio about the big fight. Everyone will be hitting Time Warner Cable Arena to see the big match up between Alberto and John Cena. But there’s no fear in the eyes of Del Toro. ”I’m getting [the belt] back tonight,” the wrestler insists.

Thankfully, the WWE stars have a soft spot for Charlotte and it doesn’t seem like they’re skipping our quaint town anytime soon. ”I know we have fans all over the United States but this area is special for us. We do three or four shows per year in this area because we know the fans will be there every night.” Especially since the WWE have some of the wildest fans of any sporting event. From small kids to the grandfather’s in the audience, Tanner notes that older women seem to be the craziest. ”We have some crazy fans out there but they all support the WWE,” Del Rio admits.

He duly notes that once viewers see his legendary maneuver ‘The Cross Arm Breaker’, thing will really be crazy.

Make sure to get tickets to the WWE Smackdown tonight at Time Warner Cable Arena.