WWE Live Event Results From Brussels (11/8): Kane Interferes In WWE Title Match, Cena Defends

By Raj Giri | November 08, 2013

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com readers @steventijssen and Ragnar1984 for sending in these results from tonight’s WWE live event in Brussels, Belgium:

The arena was not full, but the crowd was really good. There were about 200 seats left open. The crowd contained fans from Germany, England, Holland, Belgium and France.

John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio. Really good match, It looked like Cena had some new impressive moves. The crowd was chanting a lot for Cena, even the adults! Cena won with the AA. John Cena got a really huge pop, and Del Rio got some massive heat. Del Rio was making a lot of fun of Cena’s “You can’t see me” gesture.

Biggest pops: 1. John Cena 2. Randy Orton 3. Aksana

Most heat: 1. Alberto Del Rio 2. Damien Sandow 3. Jack Swagger


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