WWE Live Event Results From Leeds (11/14): John Cena Defends, Fan Ejected, Heyman Beaten Again

By Raj Giri | November 14, 2013

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Asim Iqbal ( @Asim_1993 ) for sending in these results from tonight’s WWE live event in Leeds, England:

I have just come back from the WWE live event in Leeds First Direct Arena and it is a very enjoyable event. First of all, I was in the Leeds Trinity shopping centre where the Prime Time Players were scheduled to appear from 2pm-4pm and you need a wristband from the WWE2k14 game to see them, which I did not have. I arrived at the centre at 2:15 with the WWE2k14 gameplay and played a few matches, but the PTP’s had still not arrived. In the middle of playing the game, I heard them being introduced so I walked around the booth and the PTP’s were about 1 metre away from me! They went on the stage and did the millions of dollars thing. Security were a bit pushy about where you could stand, but you could easily get a view of them. Some guy also handed Darren Young a comb, haha. Titus kept jokingly pushing people back if they rushed in to meet them when it was their turn. You weren’t allowed to see them unless you had a ticket and they had to leave at 4:15, they did seem friendly though.

I got to the arena at 5:30, they let us in at 6:15. I’d say it was between 2/3 full, quite a few empty seats but Leeds Arena only holds 13,000 and it’s almost semi-circle shaped compared to a full arena, which is circle shaped. Lots of wooing as we were waiting for the show to start. At 7:40 the show starts with Tony Chimel coming out

John Cena def. Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Championship) Del Rio came out to heavy cheers by the people I went with, haha. Cena came out to heavy boo’s with the standard “lets go Cena” / “Cena sucks” chants. Cena was getting heckled by three people dressed as the Wyatts. Cena went out of the ring and went to their side of the ring as they were chanting “Cena killed wrestling.” Cena asked them what moves they wanted him to do, and they replied, “anything but your shoulder tackle!”

Cena went back in and wrestled. Early on, Cena irish whipped Del Rio to the corner and seemed to injure his ankle, it seemed like his Achilles heel. I have seen thousands of matches and Cena kept rolling out of the ring while Del Rio was stalling for time by pandering to the fans and actually acknowledging the fans that cheered him. Del Rio attacked the leg, but rarely went for the ankle and targeted the shin. Cena tried a very quick AA about five minutes mins in the match but Del Rio countered. Cena tried the 5 moves of doom, but fell after running to do the shoulder block. Cena rolled in the corner and the ref called the X and the doctor came in. Del Rio grabbed the world title and went on the turnbuckle with it. The match continued for about 10 minutes with Cena even going to the top rope and doing some signature moves, but he was keeping his weight off the ankle. One attempt at the AA seemed to be aborted as his ankle gave way. Cena won with the AA after many counters. TYPICAL, Del Rio should have had the world title as the ref called the x, even though it was a house show, lol!

Anyways, one of the fans dressed as the Wyatts threw his hat at Cena, which came near him and he got kicked by security for it. Cena picked it up then got a mic and cut a promo and said, “do people see this hat? what I see is the wyatt family…” Then he started naming people dressed up in the crowd, the Goldust guy, IRS, Superman, etc. Cena talked about how enthusiastic and passionate we all were, etc. Very good promo, seemed to have everyone pro-Cena by the end of it. Cena walked out fine after the match.

All in all, good show!


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