SmackDown Results: Bryan & Punk, ‘The Beard & The Best,’ turned the tables on The Wyatt’s feast

BY Michael Burdick

November 15, 2013

Alberto Del Rio attacked John Cena during an Arm Wrestling Challenge

Determined to take back the World Title at Survivor Series, Alberto Del Rio demanded to know if World Heavyweight Champion John Cena would accept his Arm Wrestling Challenge on SmackDown.

Bandaged from Del Rio’s Monday night assault, an emerging Cena referred to his No. 1 contender as a desperate man before sitting down to break his challenger’s limb with his “good” arm.

After Cena shockingly defeated Del Rio in no time flat, an apparently outraged Del Rio demanded a rematch. This turned out to be a ploy, though, for when Cena dropped the Mexican Superstar’s arm for the second time, Del Rio unleashed a fevered assault that ended with the Cenation leader being put through a table!