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Last week, Hunter and Stephanie were not on Raw so there was a question about who was in charge. After finding out that everyone was in charge, we saw Alberto Del Rio attack John Cena. We also saw Big Show attack Randy Orton. We also saw 12 men battle at the end of Raw. Now that Stephanie and Hunter are back in the Country, we can see what they will do.

We are in Nashville, Tennessee and your announcers are Michael ‘Vince Gill’ Cole, John ‘Willie Nelson’ Layfield, and Jerry ‘Lee Lewis’ Lawler.

John Cena is with Florida Georgia Line and he welcomes them to Raw. John apologizes about the Rhinestone Cowboys. Everyone is excited for their performance.

John Cena walks into commercial.

We are back and John Cena makes his way to the ring and he shows some pain as he enters the ring.

Cena says that he has had a bit of bad luck lately. We see what happened to him on Raw last week. John says that he appeared on Smackdown for an arm wrestling challenge and we see how John did not meet him half way.

John says that he has had to watch that footage every day and he has not been in a good mood because of that. It is energy and a WWE Universe like this that made him want to come back after his torn triceps because he wants to be here in front of everyone. Maybe he came back too soon and tried to do too much. Did he try to be a superhero?

Should he be the World Champion? Then he looked at the audience and the atmosphere and he says that he should be the champion. Champions are made of resolve and toughness, not cheap shots and parlor tricks. In six days, Alberto does not know who he will step into the ring with. In six days, he will perform in front of his mother, father, brothers, sisters, and their families.

Cena says that he is banged up. Pain is temporary, but pride is forever. John says that on Sunday, they will say ‘The Champ is Here’.

Alberto Del Rio comes out and he says that we have a real superhero in the house. John is so good that he almost made Alberto cry.

John says that he will make Alberto tap on Sunday.

Alberto says that John said that he will hold the title up on Sunday, but what about . . . right now? He tells John to use his other hand because he knows that John can do it.

John says that he will be ready on Sunday.

Alberto says that everyone knows that John will be ready to be humiliated and embarrassed in front of his friends and family. In front of Mami and Papi. A real champion takes advantage of every opportunity and in this moment, he sees a great opportunity in front of him.

John says that Alberto is right. A real champion does take advantage of every opportunity and Cena gets out of the sling and he attacks Del Rio. He gets Del Rio on his shoulders but Del Rio gets to the floor and up the ramp.


NoDQ.com WWE What Happened After Last Night’s RAW In Nashville

Posted by Steve Carrier on 11/19/2013 at 08:24 AM

The dark main after last night’s WWE RAW Country in Nashville saw John Cena successfully defend the World Heavyweight Title against Alberto Del Rio in a lengthy match.


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