Raw results: Cena & Orton make history, Ziggler & Sandow hit the Hamptons and The Wyatts feast on Bryan & Punk


November 25, 2013

World Heavyweight Champion John Cena & Big Show def. WWE Champion Randy Orton & Alberto Del Rio

John Cena has taken the first step towards toppling Randy Orton at WWE TLC. However, true to form, The Viper already seems like he won’t allow The Champ to get much further than that, repaying a defeat in the main event of Raw with a resounding post-match statement.

The sneak attack would have to suffice as payback for a match that went south very quickly after Cena’s partner Big Show got his hands on both Orton & his owncompadre, AlbertoDel Rio. Forced into the defensive, Del Rio knocked the giant loopy with a superkick to the face, but victory eluded the twosome when Show struck Orton with a spear. The Champ wrapped the contest up with an STF tapout of the former World Champion Del Rio when the longtime rivals entered the match.

Del Rio’s post-match attack fell short when Cena struck with an Attitude Adjustment, yet Orton’s own cheap shot – a blast to the face with the WWE Title itself –hit home in a big way, especially when The Viper seized The Champ’s World Title and held both prizes high above his head.