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Movies have the Oscars. Music has the Grammys. Theater has the Tonys. But wrestling has the Slammys. You will get to pick the winners by going to the WWE app. If you haven’t downloaded the app, I am sure that there will be an explanation of how to download the app later.

We are in Seattle, Washington and your announcers are John ‘Starbucks’ Layfield, Michael ‘Cobain’ Cole, and Jerry ‘Frasier’ Lawler.

Alberto Del Rio discussed what happened last week. He says that he is a WWE Champion and a World Champion while Sin Cara has done nothing.

Match Number Five: Sin Cara versus Alberto Del Rio

The lights go down and Cara with knees and a chop followed by forearms. Del Rio with a thrust kick and he sends Cara to the mat. Cara with a cross body and punches to Del Rio. Cara kicks Del Rio. Del Rio with a kick and suplex.

Del Rio misses a super kick and Cara with a drop kick. Cara with forearms and Del Rio goes to the floor. Cara with a kick to keep Del Rio on the floor followed by a pescado onto Del Rio. Cara sends Del Rio into the ringside barrier. Cara with a chop but Del Rio with an step up enzuigiri and a kick to Cara.

Del Rio misses a back senton from the turnbuckles and he kicks Del Rio. Cara goes up top but Del Rio rolls to the floor. We go to commercial.

We are back and Del Rio with a reverse chin lock. We go to no longer exclusive footage from the app and Del Rio with a double stomp while Cara was in the tree of woe. Del Rio with head butts as we return to live action. Cara with an elbow to Del Rio followed by a missile drop kick for a near fall.

Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Del Rio slaps Cara in the head and Cara falls to the floor. Del Rio sends Cara into the ringside barrier. Del Rio returns to the ring and the referee starts his count. Cara rolls back into the ring and Del Rio with a snap mare and reverse chin lock.

Cara with punches and kicks followed by an attempted springboard sunset flip but Del Rio rolls through and hits a drop kick. Del Rio misses a splash into the corner and Cara with a tornado DDT. Both men are down. Cara with a head scissors followed by a handspring back elbow for a near fall.

Del Rio sets for the float over but Cara counters and he hits a modified Olympic Slam. Cara goes up top but Del Rio crotches him. Del Rio with punches and head butts followed by a superplex set up but Cara counters with a sunset flip power bomb. Cara goes up top for the Swanton and he hits it and gets the three count.

Winner: Sin Cara

Triple H makes his way to the ring with one of the principal owners of WWE for the Ceremony of Ceremonies.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see the champions in the ring.

Stephanie says that we have the greatest collection of former champions, headlined by the thirteen time champion, the King of Kings, her husband Triple H. That is why Hunter will be the master of ceremonies.

Hunter says that all of you know what it takes to be the pinnacle of your industry. Some have been WWE Champion. Some have been World Champion. A select few have been both. You have etched your place in history as only being a champion can.

You are here to witness a ceremony that symbolizing an epic moment in time.

The crowd chants for Daniel Bryan and Rey Mysterio laughs with Daniel while Mark Henry raises his arm.

Hunter says that Daniel brought a lot of family to tonight’s show.

This is a game changing moment in history. On Sunday, the World Title and the WWE Title will be hung above the ring.

In a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match, only one man will be able to leave as the Champion of Champions.

Hunter says that he will now bring out the two men who will meet on Sunday for that opportunity. Randy Orton comes out first.

Stephanie introduces John Cena and he makes his way to the ring.

Hunter says that it is time to suspend the titles over the ring and it will be the last time that one of you will be known as Champion.

Randy says better than anyone, he knows what John Cena is capable of. He also knows what John is not capable of. John said that he had ruthless aggression, but he doesn’t have it now because he would have put Randy in the hospital but he didn’t. He will regret that on Sunday.

Randy reminds John that he said that he got lazy. When you are that much better than your peers, you get complacent and lack motivation. He has all of the motivation to kick his ass on Sunday. John says he doesn’t care about being the Face of the WWE, but that is a lie. Image is everything.

John will be known as the man who lost the most important match in the history of the WWE. Meanwhile, he is the greatest superstar of this generation or any other generation. Look at the men in the ring. Randy says that he took years off Mick’s career and his life. Orton looks for Shawn Michaels and he embarrassed Shawn on multiple occasions. There wouldn’t have had to be a screwjob in Montreal if he was competing then because he would have left Bret Hart laying unconscious in the ring.

Everything that John Cena has worked for will come crashing down all around you.

John says that it is funny that he heard Randy mention work. John brings Daniel Bryan into the center of the ring and he asks Daniel to tell everyone his name.

Daniel obliges.

John asks Daniel where he is from and Daniel says that he is from Aberdeen, Washington. Were his mother or father WWE Superstars. Daniel says that neither of them were.

Since Daniel has been in the WWE, he has had to work for everything he got. Daniel says Yes.

The reason why they cheer for Daniel is because he works and earned it. Randy has been given everything in the WWE. John is going to hit Randy with some truth.

Randy was untouchable and bulletproof because ‘THEY’ liked you. Then he was protected by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Then Randy has the balls to say that he is better than anyone else in the ring. To say that he is bigger than all of this. Randy has always blamed everybody else for his failures. Randy has had behavior problems in and out of the ring.

The match at TLC is the biggest in WWE history. That is why everyone is here tonight. Randy wants these titles because he is selfish and he thinks he deserves it. Maybe Randy can walk around and say that he is what he was supposed to be ten years ago.

Whenever he held either title, the business card read the same. The real truth is that whether the people in the ring like him or not, they respect him. He gave Dolph Ziggler a chance. They said it was bad to give CM Punk a title match, but he saw the best in the world. The only legitimate title shot that Daniel Bryan got was against him and Daniel won.

If he wins on Sunday, he looks forward to a fair rematch against Daniel Bryan.

Being a champion is about having a level of respect. He was not going to take Orton out last week. He was just going to show Randy how brutal he can get.

This Sunday will be physical and it will be brutal. He will be at his very best. He hopes that Randy is too because no one wants to have to deal with another Randy Orton excuse. He wishes Randy luck on Sunday because he is going to need it.

They shake hands and then Orton hits Cena and Cena fights back. Orton and Cena have to be separated. Orton pushes Punk and Punk with punches to Orton. Hunter throws Punk down. Punk throws Hunter down and Shawn with Sweet Chin Music to Punk. Bryan with a flying knee to Michaels. Orton goes after Bryan but he accidentally hits Stephanie. Hunter gives Orton a Pedigree.

Cena helps Stephanie up with Kane and Hunter.

We go to credits.


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