WWE Live Event Results From Hartford (12/27): Del Rio’s Open Challenge, Cesaro - Booker, John Cena

By Raj Giri | December 28, 2013

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Joe Raider Fan for sending in these results from last night’s WWE live event in Hartford, CT:

Had a great time at the show last night. Bob Backland was in the lobby taking pictures & signing autographs. The arena was about 80% full. There was a cage hanging above the ring with some “YES” and “Woooo” chants happening before the show started. The crowd was into the show, but it just isn’t the same as going to a RAW or Smackdown TV taping. Hardly anyone brought signs.

The match was Sin Cara vs Alberto Del Rio:

Sin Cara came out to a nice pop from the crowd while ADR got lots of heat. Back and forth match. Lots of “You suck” chants for ADR during match. ADR eventually goes for the cross arm breaker, but Sin Cara rolls it into a cover for the win. ADR is fuming & grabs the mike and starts ranting how he refuses to end 2013 on a losing note. He issues an open challenge to anyone in the back which gets answered by Rey Mysterio running out to a big pop from the crowd. Ray wins the match in about 30 seconds after hitting a 619 followed by a diving head butt from the top rope. Crowd goes wild. My boy says that was one of the coolest fast matches he has ever seen. ADR stays in the ring a bit & is furious about losing.

Overall a great show and a great crowd.


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