By Mike Carroll on 2013-12-29 02:52:56

WWE ran in Newark with a good house show that drew about 8,000 (lots of production kill and the entire 200 level at Prudential Center was empty on both sides.

John Cena & Rey Mysterio defeated WWE World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton & Alberto Del Rio when Mysterio hit the 619 on Del Rio and he bounced right into the AA for the pin. Good house show match but a slight disappointment after the awesome match Orton and Cena had at MSG.

Overall, I think I got my $25 worth tonight.

Another Detailed Set Of Results From Last Night’s WWE Live Event In Newark: Cena & Mysterio

By Raj Giri | December 29, 2013

Thanks to reader Will Rodriguez for sending in these results from last night’s WWE live event in Newark, NJ:

Many people at the Prudential Center, myself included, were disappointed with the lineup here compared to the Michigan show lineup and displayed their frustrations after the main event. Still, I must say that live, non-televised events turn out so much better than the taped events due to the wrestlers interacting much more with the fans and getting the fans more involved. It was evident that they weren’t held back by the restraints of a show being filmed. Overall I had a great time even if I didn’t get to see CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, The Shield, The Wyatts nor AJ Lee in action.

Main Event: Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena and Rey Mysterio:

Del Rio drew lots of heat from the crowd but Orton received a huge pop with some mixed in boos. Mysterio also received a huge pop. Cena received such a huge ovation from the crowd that I thought I felt the place move. I mean I couldn’t hear what my nephew who was sitting next to me was trying to say to me. This was definitely the match of the night. The pace of the match and the intensity of the crowd made this such a great match. Cena was cornered for quite a while before Mysterio was able to tag in and take over the match for a short time. Mysterio was then cornered for quite a long time before he was finally able to tag Cena back in and the place errupted. Cena hits Del Rio with the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, goes for the AA but Del Rio reverses it into his armlock. Cena is able to pick Del Rio up from this position and slam him but is immediately hit with an RKO. Rey jumps in and kicks Orton to the outside, hits Del Rio with the 619, Del Rio staggers right into Cena who hits him with the AA for the win. Again the place goes nuts. Cena and Mysterio hang around for a while signing autographs and giving high fives to kids around the ring.

Overall I was impressed with the show they were able to put on with the lack of talent available. Great crowd helped. Once Cena and Mysterio we’re gone the crowd was chanting for CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. There were also some chants for The Shield.

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