By Jason D’Agostino and Frank Boris on 2013-12-30 08:40:33

Frank Boris sent this report:

Had the pleasure of sitting second row for WWE’s Hershey Live Event 12/29/13 - I was a little surprised, the building was nearly full - only the highest section was not filled, and the crowd was electric, which made the event a lot more fun!

pecial Referee Booker T. was introduced for Dolph Ziggler VS. Alberto Del Rio. Man, Del Rio had nuclear heat with the Hershey crowd! While Del Rio was jaw-jacking with some rowdy fans, Ziggler was way over, and so was the referee Booker T. To everyone’s delight - Ziggler won after Booker T. gave Del Rio a scissor kick. Booker T. then invited ring announcer Justin Roberts into the ring for a Happy Birthday song - and of course, spineroonie’s, which he didn’t do too bad a job of! Happy Birthday, Justin Roberts!

*Main Event - John Cena VS. Randy Orton - the crowd was really anti-Orton, and about 75%-25% in favor of John Cena. He received a lot of cheers, but there were pockets of fans who were booing for Cena - very few cheering Orton, though. Good match that saw Orton dominate, and using quite a few head locks… Cena eventually rebounded but Orton was disqualified when he low-blowed Cena. Cena then gave Orton the Attitude Adjustment and sent the kids home happy.

Overall - a very fun show, and the crowd loved it!

Match of the night: Dolph Ziggler VS. Alberto Del Rio…. I was surprised, but this really stole the show! Honorable mention; Mysterio/Sin Cara VS. The Real Americans.

Most Heat: Albeto Del Rio, by a landslide!!!

Jason D’Agostino sent this report from the show.

Giant center

3/4 full, upper level mainly empty.

Booker T came out as the special guest referee for Ziggler vs Del Rio. Del Rio with massive heat from the crowd. Ziggler came out to one of the loudest pops of the night. Ziggler with big crowd interaction to start. Del Rio with a lot of stalling to work the crowd up. Back and forth match ton of near falls. This is awesome chants from the crowd. Axe kick from Booker T to Del Rio into a Zig Zag. Ziggler with the win. Match of the night. Booker T gets the crowd to sing happy birthday to Justin Roberts and then had Justin try a spinaroonie. Booker finally does one himself to a big pop.

Overall a very fun show. No one phoned it in which made the atmosphere in the building that much more electric.


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