Before I start posting pics I’ll give a rundown of my most awesome of evenings. First off I was in the 4th row so I did get some sweet pics.. the only thing I missed getting pictures of was Cody & Cesaro’s match cuz my batteries were almost dead and I couldn’t not get pics of Orton.

Sin Cara v Del Rio - I cheered for Del Rio, I have a soft spot for heels.. good match though, some flying around from hunicara. Sin Cara won, of course.

After I hung around with the rest of the folks to see who would walk out of the back. Orton hurried onto his bus in his sweats but both titles over his shoulders.. and then Nattie drove out, pulled over and came over to see us. I ended up getting a (super blurry) selfie with her .. my hands shake at the best of times, let alone in the cold with super nerves. She was super cute and nice and just meeting her is far more fabulous than having a not blurry photograph.

I’m so freaking happy I could cry. Also, WWE is coming back to Toronto in April. SOOOOOOO I think I’ll get tickets a little earlier than 2 days before the event so I can get 3rd.. 2nd.. maybe even front row.


WWE Live Event Results From Toronto, Ontario (12/30): Christian Appears, Cena Vs. Orton

By Raj Giri | December 31, 2013

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Cole Galbraith for sending these results from last night’s WWE live event in Toronto, Ontario. Muhib Ahmed contributed to this report.

Crowd was electric in Toronto. Almost full in the Ricoh Coliseum. Good show considering it was the same night as a live RAW show.

Sin Cara defeats Alberto Del Rio with a roll up in the opening match. Some Sin Cara chants during the match


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