WWE Main Event results: Kaitlyn says goodbye

BY Bobby Melok

January 08, 2014

Alberto Del Rio def. Justin Gabriel

After making the daring move to call out the returning Batista on Old School Raw, Alberto Del Rio was in action on WWE Main Event, taking on aerial expert Justin Gabriel. The Mexican Aristocrat gave Gabriel no time to take flight in the early goings of the match, grounding The Dare Wolf with a flurry of strikes.

Gabriel was able to briefly take advantage of Del Rio’s aggression, sending him out of the ring, in perfect position for The South African to land a dazzling twisting dive over the ropes. Gabriel got Del Rio back in the ring and climbed the ropes to continue his attack, but before he could leap, The Mexican Superstar clocked Gabriel with a devastating kick to the head, earning the victory.

After the bout, Alberto Del Rio grabbed the microphone and continued to insult Batista ahead of the 2014 Royal Rumble, calling the returning Superstar a “filthy animal.”