WWE House Show Report 1.12.14: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Posted by Larry Csonka on 01.13.2014

Alberto Del Rio b Sin Cara

Del Rio did a long promo talking about Royal Rumble and Batista. So I guess we’re gonna see that program happens.

Del Rio was cheered more than I’d thought. Good spots when Cara ducked a drop kick and Del Rio went straight to the outside without touching the apron and another one where ADR double stomped Cara in the corner.

Del Rio won with his cross arm breaker. So I guess Cara’s push is really over.

Biggest pop Cena Goldust Show

Biggest heat Orton ADR Ryback

Kane got more reaction than ADR and Ryback but was cheered way too much for a heel.

Johnny Ace was at the control table were the music system is (which is not behind the curtain here and everyone can see it).


WWE Live Event Results From Montreal (1/12): Ryback Works Twice, Ryder Beats NXT Champ, Cena

By Raj Giri | January 13, 2014

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Daniel I. for sending in these results from last night’s WWE live event in Montreal, Canada:

Alberto Del Rio, who hugged a couple of WWE employees while coming down to the ring, beat Sin Cara by submission.

All in all, the crowd was quite small, since this was the second house show Montreal got in 5 months. The crowd responses were pretty loud and mixed throughout the night.


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