Raw results: Orton strikes Cena’s family, Punk stands alone and Bryan defies The Wyatts


January 13, 2014

Alberto Del Rio def. Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio’s 2006 Royal Rumble performance remains the stuff of legend. The Ultimate Underdog’s bid for a second win in the contest, however, got off to a rough start thanks to the 2011 Rumble Match victor, Alberto Del Rio, on Raw. Mysterio teed off on “Mexico’s Greatest Export” and used his speed to his advantage, building to the 619 in a matter of minutes. Del Rio tripped Rey up in a Tree of Woe before he could follow up, though, submitting the former World Champion moments later with the Cross Armbreaker.

Puffed-up by his vicious victory, The Essence of Excellence grabbed hold of the mic to sling some final insults towards Mysterio’s old partner Batista, the Superstar he seems to have signaled out as his latest enemy. Only seven days left until The Animal arrives to answer.