SmackDown Results: Punk’s pipebomb backfires; Outlaws drop the champions

BY Alex Giannini

January 17, 2014

Rey Mysterio def. Alberto Del Rio

Since his January return to in-ring action, Alberto Del Rio has continued to impress. In recent weeks, The Essence of Excellence has frequently called out Batista, the former World Champion scheduled to come home to Raw this Monday. Looking to garner more momentum ahead of The Animal’s return, the haughty Del Rio battled the highflying Rey Mysterio on SmackDown, just days after Del Rio’s Raw victory over The Master of the 619 and post-match missive aimed at Batista.

Before the bout commenced, Mysterio responded, telling Del Rio that he should stop worrying about The Animal, and instead worry about The Ultimate Underdog. Mysterio went on to back up his big words in a fast and furious back-and-forth battle, finally trapping his opponent with an out-of-nowhere roll-up for the quick pinfall.

After the bell, however, Del Rio once again attacked Rey, locking him into the devastating Cross Armbreaker. How will Batista respond when he makes his monumental return this Monday?