Second Set of WWE House Show Results 1.17.14: St. Louis, Missouri

Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 01.18.2014

The event started at around 7:00 with some videos. Pretty subdued crowd to start with, no chanting until around 7:10 (started by a small child, interesting enough.) Lots of families here with their kids. At around 7:12, they let us vote for a Divas match or dance off. (If you were at the event and voted for the dance-off, you deserve much pain.) Still much quieter than Extreme Rules. Bottom bowl was only about 3/4 full, many empty seats.

WWE announced their return for Raw on April 28, presale password is STLRAW.

They showed an awesome Mae Young video package that just about had us all in tears.

Started with the national anthem for a definite sports-like feel.

Alberto Del Rio beat Sin Cara. Sin Cara was wearing his usual ring gear but with long sleeves and a T-shirt on. Awkward. Some Batista chants here and there. Lots of high spots, with Del Rio winning with his arm bar. I want to know who was playing Sin Cara. Lots of heat for Del Rio, by the way.

Repeat ad for the return of Raw on April 28th.

Notes: Overall, a good show that lived up to my expectations. Pretty dead crowd, however, for most of the night, sadly, but not having most of the act was probably the cause. As soon as Cena came in though, that changed drastically. WWE put on a good show, and I feel that It was worth my ticket price. By the way, don’t buy a souvenir cup. After the event, we waited and found four of them just in our section that people just left. I feel like a freegan.

Biggest Pop: Cena by far

Most Heat: Orton as he beat Cena, and ADR.

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