By Scott Hannig on 2014-01-19 22:10:00

Before we started the show Justin Roberts announced Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer was in attendance and in the front row. I was surprised he wouldn’t be at home watching the championship games. Side note, I dvr’d them and surprisingly no one around me shared what the scores were.

Match 6: Sin Cara (Hunico version) v. Alberto Del Rio

Alberto wins with the arm submission. Great showing by both. Sin Cara didn’t hold back on any moves - he even did an outside dive. When Del Rio came out the guys running the sound board, lights board, and more stood up and clapped and mimicked him. This looked like it took Del Rio of guard since he laughed his way down to the ring.

I’d guess they had between 5k to 7k in attendance. I know they had tough competition with the NFL Championship games running at the same time.


WWE Live Event Results From Columbus (1/19): Cena Vs. Orton, Ryback Gets Face Reaction

By Raj Giri | January 20, 2014

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com readers Gary and Ron for sending in these results from last night’s WWE live event in Columbus, OH:

The house was about 80 % full. The show opened with a promo about the Ultimate Warrior going into the Hall of Fame and a tribute to Mae Young. Justin Roberts announced Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer was in attendance and in the front row. Meyer got more cheers than some of the wrestlers. A pre-taped promo of Randy Orton talking about his match with John Cena played.

Alberto Del Rio beat Sin Cara by cross armbreaker submission. Good match. Good pace and mostly all action. ADR tried to unmask Cara when they were on the turnbuckles and I think he overdid it as the mask came completely off and Del Rio quickly put it back on Cara’s head. Whoops.


WWE House Show Results 1.19.14 - Columbus, Ohio

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 01.19.2014

Thanks to Jordan Gelber for sending these in:

Hi, I attended the house show that was in Columbus, Ohio tonight and thought I’d share the results with you.

  1. Alberto Del Rio defeated Sin Cara in singles action. A solid affair between the two that featured a lot of great back and forth action and false finishes. The finish saw Del Rio making Sin Cara submit to the Cross Armbreaker.


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