Raw results: The Animal returns, Bryan breaks his silence and Big Show sends Lesnar running


January 20, 2014

Alberto Del Rio def. Rey Mysterio

If Alberto Del Rio’s victory over Rey Mysterio in the rubber match of their recent rivalry was somewhat unexpected, surely The Essence of Excellence’s punishment for his trash-talking the last few weeks was as severe as the WWE Universe thought – and hoped – it would be. Del Rio was still fuming after being pinned by The Master of the 619 on SmackDown, and his frustration only mounted when Rey picked apart Del Rio’s careful plan of attack with an array of moves that left the former World Champion seeing stars.

Del Rio found daylight when he strung Rey up in the ropes and went to work, stomping Mysterio into the mat and pummeling him with a top rope axe handle. A brief resurgence from Rey fell short when Del Rio targeted Mysterio’s tenderized left arm, plying the Cross Armbreaker for the tapout … at which point, of course, his chickens came home to roost in the form of Batista, who repaid Del Rio’s trash talk and all but drilled “Mexico’s Greatest Export” south of the Equator with a Batista Bomb that, for once, left Alberto Del Rio speechless.


The Animal Crushes Alberto Del Rio!

On the night of his return to WWE, Batista immediately made his presence known by confronting WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton at the start of the night, then blasting Alberto Del Rio with a blistering Batista Bomb!