WWE Main Event results: Countdown to the Royal Rumble

January 22, 2014

Alberto Del Rio def. Sin Cara

After being decimated by a returning Batista on Raw, former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio sought to release some pent-up anger on his longtime rival, Sin Cara, on WWE Main Event.

Del Rio and Sin Cara are very familiar with each other inside the squared circle, but Del Rio had a much different game plan than usual in mind as he immediately – and very aggressively – attacked his masked opponent at the opening bell. Del Rio did his best to keep Sin Cara grounded, but the high-flying Superstar’s newfound determination was enough motivation to strike back and show off his incredible agility to put Del Rio on the ropes.

Battling in and out of the ring, Sin Cara maintained control – perhaps signifying that Del Rio let his anger towards Batista get the best of him. Nevertheless, Del Rio used his size advantage to reclaim momentum and strike back at the masked marvel.

The intense rivalry between the Superstars was certainly on display as momentum shifted back and forth as the battle raged onward. Near-falls and counter strikes were the norm as Sin Cara and Del Rio continually changed their strategies in an effort to earn the latest victory in their tumultuous history.

Neither competitor could seemingly do enough on the mat to win, and the bout became a high-risk affair as both Sin Cara and Del Rio attempted to execute top-rope maneuvers. Finally, after a superplex wasn’t enough to keep Sin Cara down, Del Rio took advantage of a hair-raising situation. Standing on the top ropes, Sin Cara was hanging on below, trying not to fall into a tree of woe.

The former World Heavyweight Champion seized the opportunity and stomped his opponent’s chest to the mat. Del Rio then made his move and executed his patented Cross Armbreaker for the win.