Sky - Antonio Cesaro interviews Alberto Del Rio

Published on Jan 26, 2014

Antonio Cesaro说的是德语,他说话内容的英文翻译在此:

Sky Germany Talk Show – Alberto Del Rio

AC: I wish you a wonderful evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s me again, the Landvogt, Antonio Cesaro, and in two weeks it’s time for the WWE Royal Rumble, which you can of course watch live here on Sky. And that’s why I’ll get you my first guest now, Alberto Del Rio.

AC: Of course I want to ask Alberto right away why he has such a big problem with Dave Batista who will return at this Royal Rumble.

AC: Alberto of course thins that everyone should talk about him when it comes to the Royal Rumble. – That’s a lie of course since they should talk about me. – But that’s why he has a problem because he won the biggest Royal Rumble in history when 40 WWE superstars participated in the Royal Rumble. And in his eyes, he eliminated them all by himself back then…

AC: Strong words from a probably not so strong man. Alberto said that he himself will throw Batista over the top rope. Batista wouldn’t be an animal but rather a tiny Chihuahua, and well, what Alberto is we’ll find out at the Royal Rumble. Till next time, that’s it from the Landvogt.