Raw results: Bryan starts a movement, Lesnar makes his demands and the Elimination Chamber takes shape


January 27, 2014

Alberto Del Rio def. Kofi Kingston

For weeks, Alberto Del Rio vowed to humiliate Batista in the Royal Rumble Match. Given the shortcomings of that endeavor (The Animal actually tossed Del Rio from the bout himself), The Essence of Excellence was left to take his frustrations out on whoever dared face him on Monday night. Enter Kofi Kingston, fresh off not one buttwomiracle escapes in the Rumble Match, though The Dreadlocked Dynamo’s skillz weren’t enough to carry him to victory against a fuming Del Rio.

That said, he did give The Essence of Excellence a hell of a fight. The former Intercontinental Champion held Del Rio to a dead heat before suffering a thundering German suplex that left him staggering. Kofi took advantage of Del Rio’s frustration to brawl his way back into the match and hit the S.O.S., though Del Rio countered with the Backstabber, ultimately putting things to an end with a superkick to Kofi’s jaw.