SHOW RESULTS - 2/15 WWE in Phoenix, Ariz.: Cena vs. Orton steel cage, Batista back on the road, Team Bryan vs. The Shield

Feb 16, 2014 - 2:47:17 AM

WWE Live house show; February 15, 2014; Phoenix, Ariz.

Report by Brian Alston, long-time PWTorch Newsletter subscriber

WWE returned to Phoenix, Arizona for a Road to WrestleMania live event. Last time was a Raw TV taping in August. This is the first house show in Phoenix in a while. Over the past four years, we’ve had several pay-per-view and Raws/Smackdowns.

(7) Batista beat Alberto Del Rio via disqualification. Alberto stalled a lot. Eventually he used a chair and got the DQ. Batista delivered a powerbomb to end it. Two adults tried to get “Batista Sucks” and “You Can’t Wrestle” chants going without any success. Batista was popular with the Phoenix crowd.

Afterwards, Orton worked the mic, but Cena slammed the door on Orton to the delight of the fans to end the show.


The lower section of U.S. Airways looked to be full. There were about five rows in the upper-middle north and south that were sold. No idea of the actual attendance.

A guy sitting to my left was a “smart fan” trying to call spots like Cena’s Five Moves of Doom and impressing people around him with his knowledge of Wyatt being the son of I.R.S. His girlfriend had no idea what was happening, though she did yell for Cena.

A family with kids ages 8, 10, and 11-years-old sitting to my right said “You Suck!” multiple times to all of the bad guys.

Bryan was the most over person. Cena was a good second. Reports 10/article_76387.shtml#.UwClj87rqXM

WWE Live Event Results From Phoenix (2/15): Batista In Action, Steel Cage Main Event, Bryan

By Raj Giri | February 16, 2014 | Comments (33)

Thanks to reader Ibukun Oluyi and Paul B. for sending in these results from last night’s WWE live event in Phoenix, AZ:

Del Rio cuts a promo backstage on facing Batista later in the night.

Batista defeated Alberto Del Rio via DQ. Entertaining match and the crowd was behind Batista throughout. At one point, Batista moved out of the way right as Del Rio was about to deliver a dropkick. This caused Del Rio to dive between the second and third rope. Del Rio was DQ’d and attempted to hit Batista with a chair, but Batista countered with a Batista Bomb. Del Rio exited the ring and went into the first few rows. Because I had floor seats, he was five feet away. On his way out, Batista slapped hands with all the fans ringside and up and down the ramp.

This was a good house show. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible. My favorite moment was the whole crowd doing the yes chant with Daniel. Overall I give this show a 3.5 stars out of 5.

Another Report For Last Night’s WWE Live Event In Phoenix: Cena Vs. Orton, Batista Vs. Del Rio

By Raj Giri | February 16, 2014

Thanks to reader Pablo Alejandro for sending this report for last night’s WWE live event in Phoenix, AZ:

Alberto Del Rio vs. Batista. Batista comes out to a good pop, no boos. A good match that saw ADR making his way out of the ring several times to relax himself against the returning Batista. Batista looked good, sold great, but was breathing pretty heavy at some points. Batista wins by DQ after ADR hits him in the mid section with a chair. Batista dodges a chair shot and lands a sit down Batista bomb. He shakes a lot of hands ringside before going back.

This was a great stacked event, with a great crowd. No “CM Punk” chants.

WWE House Show Results 2.15.14

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 02.16.2014

I’ve been to plenty of WWE pay-per-views and Raw before, but this was my very first house show, and it was a pretty cool experience. The arena was full except for a couple of sections that were blocked off. There were a lot of kids in the crowd. Before the show started, they played Lita’s Hall of Fame video, which got a big pop from the crowd

Batista defeated Alberto Del Rio by DQ. Batista got the second biggest pop of the night behind Daniel Bryan. The crowd chanted his name practically throughout the whole match. It ended when Del Rio hit Batista with a steel chair.

No return date was announced and it’s interesting to point out that C.M. Punk merchandise was still being sold and he was still included in the intro video before the show started.

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