By Richard Trionfo on 2014-02-24 21:05:25

Make sure to check out Mike Johnson’s coverage of the Raw Pre-Show that aired on the WWE Network that featured a panel of Josh Mathews, Booker T, Alex Riley, and Ric Flair; footage from the Superstars matches; backstage news; and more.

We are in Green Bay, Wisconsin and your announcers are Michael ‘Egon Spengler’ Cole, John ‘Russell Ziskey’ Layfield, and Jerry ‘don’t drive angry’ Lawler.

We begin with Real American playing and Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring.

Hogan looks at the Wrestlemania sign. He tells everyone in the WWE Universe and the people of Green Bay that tonight marks the turning point in his career because he is home, brothers. Thirty years ago he was part of something very very special. Something that turned into a global phenomenon. The first Wrestlemania. History was made that day and history is being made today with the launch of the WWE Network.

Hogan says that the Hulkamaniacs were a big part in the launch of the WWE Network. He has been walking around like a proud papa because the now, then, and future of the WWE will be immortalized. He can see matches with Bruno Sammartino, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, and the Rock.

The most important thing is the future of the WWE Network. The future is Wrestlemania XXX. Since this is the turning point of his career, he has another announcement. Hogan says that he is the Official Host of Wrestlemania XXX. Hogan says that he has one question . . . Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania, The WWE Network, and Wrestlemania XXX come running over you?

Michael Cole mentions the WWE Network and the one week free trial that you can get. Jerry and John talk about some of the features you can get on the Network.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Batista versus Alberto Del Rio in an Elimination Chamber Rematch Match

Batista punches Del Rio and kicks him in the corner. Batista with a hard Irish whip. Batista with a short arm clothesline. Batista follows Del Rio to the floor and he sends Alberto into the ringside barrier and the apron. Del Rio with a drop kick to Batista when Dave returns to the ring and Del Rio punches Batista.

Del Rio tries for a suplex but Batista blocks it and he hits a suplex of his own. Batista clotheslines Del Rio over the top rope to the floor. Batista goes to the apron and Del Rio trips Batista and he lands on the apron and falls to the floor. Del Rio sends Batista into the ring steps and we go to commercial.

We are back and Batista is down and Del Rio kicks Batista. The referee checks on Batista while Del Rio mocks Batista. Del Rio goes for a splash in the ropes but Batista moves and Del Rio goes through the ropes to the floor. Del Rio drops Batista on the top rope. Del Rio goes up top but Batista punches Del Rio.

Batista with a superplex and both men are down. Del Rio and Batista exchange punches but Batista with the advantage. Del Rio with a back heel kick but Batista with two clotheslines and a power slam for a near fall. Del Rio with an arm breaker and Del Rio sets for the super kick. Del Rio misses the super kick but then he kicks Batista in the head.

Del Rio misses a charge into the corner and Batista with a spinebuster.

Randy Orton’s music plays and he comes out to watch his opponent at Mania. Alberto Del Rio takes advantage of Batista’s focus on Orton for a rollup and the three count.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Randy says that he apologizes for that. Since their days in Evolution, Batista has been easily distracted. Orton says that it is funny how the WWE Universe has responded to his triumphant return. They don’t like him that much. They have been booing the hell out of you Dave. Randy wonders if Dave is sorry that he even came back.

Batista tells Orton that he is wrong and could not be any more wrong. Batista tells everyone that he LOVES THIS BUSINESS. There is something else that he loves. He loves that they have a voice and so does he. IF the people cheer him, he cheers them back. If they boo him, he boos them back. He says that is honesty, something Randy knows nothing about.

Batista says that it does not matter. What matters is that he goes to Wrestlemania and beats the hell out of someone who used to be his friend. That person became a sniveling, whining, kiss ass sucker.

Batista tells Orton that he is looking at the next WWE Champion. He tells everyone to deal with it.


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