SHOW RESULTS - 3/7 WWE in Winnipeg, Canada: In-person notes on Batista Incident, plus Bryan vs. Kane cage match, more

Mar 8, 2014 - 4:00:58 PM

WWE Live show results; March 7, 2014; Winnipeg, Canada

Report by Tyson Beheyt, PWTorch reader

The lower bowl of the arena was sold out. And, about half of the upper bowl.

(5) Christian beat Alberto Del Rio.

Notes on the Batista incident: I didn’t catch it all, but it almost looked like someone got spit on. But, after the incident occurred I was able to see the fan/radio host was livid. He was trying to throw punches towards Batista, who walked back towards the ramp as security escorted the fan out. At one point, it looked like Big Show was trying to calm the fan/host down from in the ring, but he was hauled out anyways.

Also of note, Christian spotted a few Winnipeg Jets players in the front row earlier in the night. They were positioned in the same spot that the Batista incident occurred.

Overall, a decent show despite the absence of John Cena and Randy Orton, who were both initially advertised for the show! Reports 10/article_76868.shtml#.Uxvhkc6CEwk

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