SHOW RESULTS - 3/15 WWE in Austin, Tex.: Second detailed report on cage main event, Henry addresses retiremenr rumors, “A-Show” hurt by split crew, more

Mar 16, 2014 - 3:21:56 AM

WWE Live show results; March 15, 2014;Austin, Tex.

Report by Milan Gohil of Austin, PWTorch reader

Here are results for Saturday night’s Austin house show at the Frank Erwin Center on-campus at the University of Texas. Estimated attendance was about 8,000 - the floor was at capacity and the lower bull was three-fourths full. The bowl sections near the entrance ramp were entry and the upper deck had about 500 fans in one section. Plenty of families were in attendance. No return date was announced.

Thirty minutes before showtime, WWE aired the Hogan-Andre WrestleMania 3 Rewind from WWE Network. Unfortunately, the video stream kept breaking up and the video cut away just as the match began. Justin Roberts then promoted the Network via the PA system. The Network was HEAVILY promoted during the course of the event.

(5) Sheamus beat Alberto Del Rio. This was the match of the show! Sheamus and Del Rio battled into the crowd as Del Rio tried to head backstage several times during the course of the match. I enjoyed the multiple false finishes! Side note: Del Rio tossing Rick “The Sign Guy’s” red baseball hat into the crowd was classic. Thankfully, Rick had another red hat on-hand.

After the match ended, the cage lifted and Orton attempted to attack Cena with a folded chair. After Orton struck Cena once, Cena dodged the second swing and gave Orton an Attitude Adjustment to send the crowd home happy.

Overall, tonight’s WWE show was very underwhelming. The split-crew house show tours seriously water down the talent pool for each event. Specifically, the lack of the three main uppercard acts (Daniel Bryan, The Shield, and the Wyatts) really hurt tonight’s event. The January 2013 house show was much better! Finally, I feel that a major market like Austin got the B-Show tonight despite a Cena vs. Orton main event.

SHOW RESULTS - 3/15 WWE in Austin, Tex.: Cena vs. Orton cage main event, Titus loses three times, Henry back home, Layla back on the road, more

Mar 16, 2014 - 2:38:00 AM

WWE Live show results; March 15, 2014 Austin, Tex.

Report by PWTorch VIP member Jason Embry

Half of the roster was in Austin on Saturday night and half was at a house show in Laredo - and, boy, could you tell. I saw several families walking in with signs for wrestlers who were nowhere in sight, like Daniel Bryan and The Shield.

(5) Sheamus beat Alberto Del Rio. Somewhat mixed reaction for Del Rio, as is usually the case in Austin. The crowd was really into this match. Lots of nearfalls. Sheamus won with the Brogue Kick.

Afterward, Sheamus shook a lot of hands. Without being asked or anything, when he saw a seven-year-old sitting next to me at ringside, he took his armband off and gave it to the kid. As the father of two young boys myself, I thought it was an awesome moment - the kid was in awe. Very cool.

Overall Thoughts/Other Notes:

-- Not a fan of the split roster. The hottest acts (Bryan, Shield, Wyatts) were absent. The result was only six real matches (counting all the Titus stuff as one).

-- The arena was about 40 percent full. No mention of a specific return date. There were no “Yes!” chants all night.

-- Biggest pop by far was Cena. Best of the rest: Sheamus, Usos, Natalya, Henry, Orton.

-- Just looking around my section, Cena merchandise (some old and some newly purchased) far exceeded all others.

-- There were several WWE Network plugs from ring announcer Justin Roberts. Reports 10/article_77045.shtml#.UyaGnc7pc04

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