By Richard Trionfo on 2014-03-17 23:09:32

Last Monday night, Daniel Bryan held Raw hostage in order to get what he wanted at Wrestlemania. He got what he wanted, but then he asked for more and in addition to getting a match against Triple H, he may get a spot in the WWE World Championship match if he can beat Hunter.

We are in San Antonio, Texas and your announcers are John ‘Is there a leprechaun in the Alamo’ Layfield, Michael ‘Luck of the Irish’ Cole and Jerry ‘Sheamus is my cousin tonight’ Lawler.

We see Big Show in the Goldman Box. He talks about how people have always compared him to Andre so he is going to enter the Battle Royal. He will eliminate 29 others to show what a giant is all about.

Match Number Six: Big Show, Big E, Dolph Ziggler, and Mark Henry versus Curtis Axel, Ryback, Alberto Del Rio, and Damien Sandow

Big E and Ryback start things off and they lock up. Ryback with kicks and forearms to the back. Big E with a shoulder tackle and a shoulder in the corner. Big E with an Irish whip but he runs into a knee. Big E with a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Henry tags in and he sends Big E into the corner and Henry with a splash of his own. Henry with a head butt and Axe tags in and he runs into a clothesline.

Henry with a big boot to Axel and he sends him into the corner. Ziggler tags in and he punches Axel in the midsection. Ziggler with a neck breaker for a near fall. Axel with a knee and he sends Ziggler into the corner and he tags Ryback in. Ryback with a knee and forearm to the back. Ryback with a slam and he gets a near fall. Ryback with a head butt followed by an Irish whip but Ziggler floats over and he hit a drop kick. Ziggler with a drop kick to Del Rio and then to Ryback. We have a stand off in the ring and we go to commercial.

We are back and Del Rio sends Ziggler into the announce table and then back into the ring for a near fall. Sandow tags in and he kicks Ziggler. Sandow with punches and forearms to Ziggler. Ryback tags in and he sets for a delayed vertical suplex but he takes too long and Ziggler with an inside cradle for a near fall. Ryback gets a near fall. Axel tags in and he kicks Ziggler. Axel with a forearm to Ziggler followed by a drop kick. Axel misses a punch and he hits a DDT and both men are down.

Sandow tags in and he applies a front face lock followed by a knee drop for a near fall. Sandow with a reverse chin lock. Sandow with a front face lock and knees. Sandow blocks a drop kick and he catapults Ziggler into the turnbuckles. Sandow misses a charge into the corner and both men are down.

Show tags in and he connects with two clotheslines followed by an Irish whip and back body drop. Show with a running butt splash into the corner followed by a shoulder tackle. Show takes care of Axel but Ryback with a clothesline. Big E clotheslines Ryback over the top. Ziggler with a Fameasser to Del Rio and he sends Del Rio over the top rope to the floor. Axel sends Ziggler over the top rope to the floor. Show with a choke slam to Sandow for the three count.

Winners: Big Show, Big E, Mark Henry, and Dolph Ziggler


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