By Richard Trionfo on 2014-04-14 20:32:56

Tonight’s show starts off with a graphic in Memory of Warrior on the TitanTron and all of the wrestlers are on the stage for a video package to pay tribute to the life of the Ultimate Warrior.

Jerry Lawler asks for a moment of silence as they do the ten bell salute.

They play the Ultimate Warrior’s music.

We are in Birmingham, Alabama and your announcers are Jerry ‘Wrestlemania VI’ Lawler, John ‘Title Match versus Honky Tonk Man’, and Michael ‘His Hall of Fame Speech’ Cole.

Michael says that we will see moments from Ultimate Warrior’s life and career throughout the night.

Tonight, the Usos will face Batista and Randy Orton one more time.

We see the brackets for the Number One Contender Tournament and the first match will take place after this commercial break.

Match Number One: Rob Van Dam versus Alberto Del Rio in an First Round Intercontiental Title Tournament Match

Del Rio with kicks to Van Dam. Van Dam with an Irish whip and he rolls through into a monkey flip out of the corner. Van Dam with a spinning heel kick followed by a cross body for a near fall. Van Dam sends Del Rio to the floor. Del Rio wants Van Dam to stay back while he re-enters the ring. Del Rio with a kick and he sends Van Dam into the turnbuckles. Del Rio with a kick but Van Dam with punches.

Del Rio with an Irish whip and a step up enzuigiri to the shoulder for a near fall. Del Rio with a suplex and he floats over for a near fall. Del Rio with forearms across the chest and he returns to the ring. Del Rio is sent over the top rope to the floor while Big E watches from the back.

Van Dam with a baseball slide and he tries for a moonsault off the apron but Del Rio moves. Van Dam lands on his feet and Del Rio with a clothesline and then he sends Van Dam into the ringside barrier as we go to commercial.

We are back as Van Dam hits Rolling Thunder and he gets a near fall. Del Rio with a back heel kick followed by a DDT and he gets a near fall. Del Rio catapults Van Dam but Rob lands on the turnbuckles. Van Dam tries for a side kick off the turnbuckles and he barely catches Del Rio. Van Dam with a kick and then he lands on Del Rio’s knees on a split legged moonsault attempt. Del Rio with a lungblower for a near fall.

Del Rio goes to the turnbuckles and he leaps off and is met with a spinning heel kick. Van Dam goes up top but Del Rio stops him and hits an enzuigiri for a near fall. Del Rio goes to the floor and he shows some frustration. Del Rio signals for the arm and he waits for Van Dam to get up for the float over into the cross arm breaker but Van Dam counters with a body scissors for a near fall. Del Rio with an elbow.

Van Dam pulls Del Rio off the turnbuckles and Van Dam goes up top for the Five Star Frog Splash and he gets the three count.

Winner: Rob Van Dam (Advances to face the winner of Cesaro and Mark Henry in the Semi Finals)

Match Number Ten: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns versus Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Fandango, Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, Titus O’Neil, Curtis Axel, Ryback, Alexander Rusev, Wade Barrett

They bring Slater into the ring and they surround him while the referee holds The Shield back.

Slater and Rollins start and Rollins with a kick and he punches Slater. Ambrose tags in and he punches Slater. Reigns tags in and he head butts Slater. Reigns with another head butt and he sends Slater into the turnbuckles and kicks Slater. Rollins tags in and he kicks Slater and runs his forearm across the face. Slater with a punch but Rollins with an enzuigiri and Barrett breaks up the cover.

Amborse attacks Barrett and the referee holds Ambrose back while Slater punches Rollins. McIntyre punches Rollins and he tags in Titus. Titus with a back breaker and he tosses Rollins aside and then he barks. Rusev tags in and he kicks Rollins and hits a series of elbow drops. Rusev with a head butt and he tags in Swagger. Swagger with a knee in the corner.

Ryback tags in and he presses Rollins over his head and hits a power slam. Ryback says something to Ambrose before returning to Rollins and he throws Rollins to the floor. Reigns with a spear to Ryback and everyone goes off the apron and we have a fourteen man brawl.

No Contest

Rollins with a flip dive onto everyone and then the Shield get into the ring while the remnants of their opponents are on the floor. The Shield fight off their opponents until the numbers get the better of the Shield.

The attack continues and Ambrose gets kicked in the head by Del Rio while Barrett punches Reigns and Rollins is worked over by the men in the ring.

Evolution’s music plays and Triple H, Randy Orton, and Batista make their way onto the stage.

Hunter tells everyone to leave the ring so they can finish off The Shield.

Orton kicks and punches Rollins while Hunter and Batista join in. Hunter takes control of the situation. Reigns fights off Evolution but Orton with an RKO to Reigns. Orton picks up Reigns for Batista to give him a Batista Bomb. Hunter punches Rollins while Batista kicks Ambrose.

Orton with a boot to Rollins’ midsection. Orton with an RKO to Rollins. Orton and Hunter punch Ambrose while Batista gives Rollins a Batista Bomb. Batista and Orton hit a combination Batista Bomb reverse RKO combination.

Hunter takes the mic and he tells Reigns to get up and show him. Orton and Batista hold Reigns and Hunter tells Reigns to Believe in Evolution. Hunter gives Reigns a Pedigree.


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