Raw results: Evolution adapts, Adam Rose celebrates and Sheamus triumphs


May 05, 2014

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan def. Alberto Del Rio

It may be Cinco de Mayo, but the “Yes!” Movement still held strong over the“¡Si! Movimiento”when Daniel Bryan – contractually forced to compete despite the lurking threat of the Demon Kane – clashed with Alberto Del Rio one night after a fiery victory at Extreme Rules. With Brie Bella at ringside, Bryan fought with a purpose and looked to put Del Rio away quickly, though the specter of The Devil’s Favorite Demon left him a little less crisp than usual and gave The Essence of Excellence room to capitalize.

Luckily for Bryan, he found his footing right as Del Rio’s offense reached its apex, knocking “Mexico’s Greatest Export” off the turnbuckle with a series of kidney punches and connecting with a flying elbow. Del Rio rallied but destiny was denied when Bryan hurricanrana’d his way into a “Yes!” Lock for the win.

Kane made his presence known then, setting off his signature flames to send Bryan and Brie scurrying to their car – though Kane materialized in the backseat to unleash an attack from which the “Yes!” Man and his bride barely escaped.