WWE Money in the Bank 2014 predictions


June 20, 2014

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match

@HowardFinkel: I love the mix of Superstars involved in this contest. From established veterans to relative newcomers to this type of event, all will be vying for the richest prize in our industry. This is a real tough call to make, but I am going with Bray Wyatt. A very deceiving and agile competitor, Wyatt will parlay those attributes into winning his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Once victorious, he’ll truly have the whole world in his hands. WINNER: Bray Wyatt

@JoeyStyles: Regardless of what anyone says, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion is not the face of WWE. For nine years, that has been John Cena, and the merchandise sales, WWE.com traffic and pay-per-view buys support that statement. Though many members of the WWE Universe would love to see a first-time champion like Roman Reigns, Cesaro or Bray Wyatt, there are at least as many who want to see Cena as champion again. The members of the Cenation will be thrilled to see their neon-clad leader add gold to his brightly colored attire. WINNER: John Cena

Jake Grate: What makes this high-stakes battle so fascinating is that any of these eight Superstars are more than capable of emerging from Boston’s TD Garden with the most illustrious title in WWE. Yes, many fans are (rightfully) focusing on rapidly ascending talents like Reigns or Wyatt, but I think a cagey, veteran, opportunistic Superstar slips under the radar and finds a way to win when it counts. WINNER: Alberto Del Rio

Bobby Melok: A little momentum is all a Superstar needs to skyrocket to the top. Roman Reigns has more than a little momentum behind him after winning the Battle Royal to earn a spot in the Ladder Match and stopping Kane dead in his tracks with a Spear on Raw Monday night. There won’t be anyone who can stop the juggernaut this Sunday. WINNER: Roman Reigns

John Clapp: The Viper has a sizable insurance policy in the form of The Devil’s Favorite Demon, Kane. In a match where it’s typically every Superstar for himself, having another competitor looking out for you is invaluable, and thanks to The Authority, that’s what Randy Orton can expect. Cesaro will shine, Sheamus will brutalize and Reigns will come a hair’s length away from claiming glory, but in the end it will be Orton’s win. WINNER: Randy Orton

Bray Wyatt: 1, John Cena: 1, Alberto Del Rio: 1, Roman Reigns: 1 Randy Orton: 1