Raw live results: Fatal 4-Way opponents clash and Rusev declares ‘war’ on Jack Swagger


July 14, 2014

Alberto Del Rio def. Rob Van Dam

Turns out some grudges can’t be contained by Raw: Animosity boiled over between Battleground Battle Royal contestants Rob Van Dam and Alberto Del Rio on WWE Network’s Raw Pre-Show, and the two former World Champions hashed out their differences the old fashioned way on Raw itself. Del Rio turned out to be the more wily of the two by a hair, using the ring apron to trap Rob Van Dam just as he did Dolph Ziggler last week, and later countering the Five-Star Frog Splash with knees to Mr. Monday Night’s rapidly descending sternum. Del Rio transitioned seamlessly into the Cross Armbreaker and that was that. He won’t have that luxury on Sunday, but might it be time for The Essence of Excellence to seize destiny once again?