WWE Raw results: Dean Ambrose and The Authority set the stage for SummerSlam and Kane surrenders his mask


August 04, 2014

Dean Ambrose def. Alberto Del Rio in a Beat the Clock Challenge

For once, Dean Ambrose is right on message with what The Authority wants: Looking to add an X-factor to Ambrose’s SummerSlam match with Seth Rollins, the corporate power settled on a Beat the Clock Challenge, where, to the winner goes the choice of stipulation, and Ambrose did not disappoint in his bout against Alberto Del Rio to start the proceedings.

Not only did The Lunatic Fringe defeat Mexico’s Greatest Export in the time-controlled contest, he did so in a timely – though not unbeatable – fashion. He just had to survive a brutal assault on his still-injured shoulder to do so. Del Rio beat on Ambrose’s arm like it owed him money, rendering Ambrose’s shoulder too compromised for him to hit Dirty Deeds on his left side. So The Lunatic Fringe simply flipped the script, reversing the Cross Armbreaker at a particularly dire moment to hit his signature strike with the other arm to pin Del Rio for a time of 15:42.