Backstage News On Rey Mysterio’s AAA Video, Del Rio Uses WWE Name And Theme, More

By Marc Middleton | August 18, 2014

Backstage News On Rey Mysterio’s AAA Video, Del Rio Uses WWE Name And Theme, More

Source: F4WOnline As noted, Alberto Del Rio appeared as Alberto el Patron at last night’s AAA TripleMania event in Mexico and cut a promo with his father Dos Caras, saying WWE is racist. AAA did use the Alberto Del Rio name on a graphic and used his WWE theme song at the end of the segment.

We also noted that Del Rio was confronted and attacked by Konnan’s heel stable before clearing the ring. After the main event, Del Rio made a run-in to attack Perro Aguayo Jr., after Perro had pinned the original Sin Cara after a low blow. Del Rio put Perro in an armbar to end the show.

Regarding Rey Mysterio appearing in a video at the end of the show to tell AAA fans he will see them soon, it was noted by that Rey doing something like that while under WWE contract, with AAA facilitating it, is something to watch out for and could develop into a bigger story. Apparently the video that aired after TripleMania with Rey was supposed to be just for the live crowd but part of it was shown on pay-per-view.

Jeff Jarrett was scheduled to work last night’s show also but could not get into the country due to bad weather in Dallas. _source=feedburner &utm;_medium=feed&utm; campaign=Feed%3A+wrestlinginc


By Mike Johnson on 2014-08-18 01:20:51

Rey Mysterio, who is still under contract to WWE, appeared via video at the end of the Triplemania iPPV that aired tonight. While wearing a sombrero, Mysterio said he wanted to celebrate AAA’s anniversary and told the fans he would see them soon. The video faded out and a graphic that read “#FREEREY” then played. Mysterio is still under contract to WWE until the spring of 2015, according to one source. He and the company have been at odds for some time over his contract.

Alberto Del Rio opened the show cutting an anti-WWE promo and saying he had to deal with racism in the company before going into an angle where he and his father, Dos Caras, were interrupted by a group of heels who they then ran off. The “Alberto Del Rio” name (in a graphic) and theme music were both used.

Jeff Jarrett missed the show because of a travel day from hell. His flight from Nashville to Dallas was diverted due to storms and then flights to Mexico were canceled, preventing him from making it to the event. Jarrett noted on Twitter that it was the first time he had missed a booking due to weather.

King Ricochet also missed the show. As I noted in my House of Glory live report Saturday evening, he worked three matches en route to winning the tournament and then rushed to JFK airport (30 minutes from the venue) to catch a red eye flight to Mexico. Ricochet missed his flight by “five minutes” according to his Twitter, stranding him in NYC until he heads home and causing him to miss out on a pretty nice payday.

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  • Alberto del Río vence a Hijo del Perro Aguayo en AAA Triplemania 22 *

Luego de finalizar el que sería el evento estelar de Triplemania 22, Alberto del Río apareció para decirle al Perro que su suerte había terminado, pues aunque le cueste la vida y mucho dinero en juzgados quiere una lucha contra Perro en Triplemania XXII.

Alberto en una lucha de apenas unos minutos logró la rendición del Hijo del Perro con su popular Cross Armbreaker para celebrar de esta manera con el público en un enorme final de la 22° edición de AAA Triplemania.

Alberto del Ro triunfa en la cima de AAA en su primera función oficial, dejando en claro su amor por México y por la Lucha Libre. _source=rss &utm;_medium=rss&utm;_campaign=alberto-del-rio-vence-hijo-del-perro-aguayo-en-aaa-triplemania-22

Alberto Del Rio Gets Physical At TripleMania (Video), Former WWE Wrestler Takes Shot At Seth Rollins

By Daniel Pena | August 18, 2014

Sunday night’s Triplemanía XXII event kicked off with El Patron (Alberto Del Rio), accompanied by his father, Dos Caras, speaking out against WWE by claiming that the sports-entertainment organization was racist. They were then confronted by the Los Perros del Mal stable. After one of the members laid his hands on Caras, El Patron ran after the stable and cleared house, while officials reminded him that he has the no-compete clause from WWE. The show ended with El Patron attacking Los Perros del Mal leader El Hijo del Perro Aguayo, after his win in the main event. Here is footage of the former WWE Superstar’s physical encounter. _source=feedburner &utm;_medium=feed&utm; campaign=Feed%3A+wrestlinginc

Alberto Del Rio Talks Racism In WWE At AAA TripleMania PPV, Brock Lesnar Title Win Video

By Raj Giri | August 17, 2014

Alberto Del Rio appeared during the opening segment of tonight’s AAA TripleMania XXII pay-per-view. While he appeared under his new name, El Patron, his old WWE music played at the end of the segment. Del Rio appeared with his father, Dos Caras Sr., and said that he “came across a monster called racism” in WWE, and that while he may not work for them anymore, he still has his pride and dignity. Del Rio was confronted by Konnan and the heel stable Los Perros Del Mal, and Del Rio cleared the ring of them. _source=feedburner &utm;_medium=feed&utm; campaign=Feed%3A+wrestlinginc