WWE Not Acting Against Rey Mysterio or Alberto Del Rio Over AAA TripleMania Appearances

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 08.27.2014

According to the Wrestling Observer, there has been “no fallout” within WWE over Rey Mysterio’s or Alberto Del Rio’s appearances (Mysterio’s by videotape) at AAA TripleMania. According to a source in WWE, no one in the company has said anything to Mysterio about it…or anything at all for that matter. There has been no communication between Mysterio and WWE since May and the company didn’t ask him why he did the show, make any threats or the like. They did not contact AAA about it either.

Mysterio was also not asked to appear at the WWE house show in San Diego, California on August 23rd. That’s his hometown and he has always done a good job of boosting attendance in the city.

Del Rio is now booked for a Puerto Rico show and is accepting indy bookings in the U.S., even though he’s been told he cannot do so in the US for a period of one year.