xrspook:我觉得这般做对双方都有好处,两者在处理这个问题上都很理性聪明。细节是Del Rio不能再继续shoot WWE的神马种族歧视,回报是,嘿嘿嘿,我们允许你在任何地方摔角表演以及为你“埋单”还不行么。

Backstage News On WWE’s Settlement With Alberto Del Rio, What Both Sides Wanted, More

By Marc Middleton | November 12, 2014

As noted, WWE and Alberto Del Rio recently reached a settlement regarding his non-compete clause. The settlement was announced by both WWE and Del Rio.

It’s believed that both sides agreed that Del Rio would not make any more negative public comments about WWE, most notably implying racism from top officials in the company and talking about racial jokes that went on. In return, Del Rio reportedly got a financial settlement that included the non-compete being dropped.

WWE has long been worried about keeping their Hispanic audience and officials were very conscious about being tied to any kind of racism against Hispanics.

A source close to the talks between WWE and Del Rio notes that the settlement was last minute. There was reportedly a joint settlement at one point that was expected to include a stipulation where WWE had to issue an apology for inappropriate comments. WWE had agreed to that but then it was taken out of the deal in their written settlement agreement. Apparently Del Rio had already agreed to the financial settlement and the non-compete being dropped so he didn’t press the apology issue.

It’s also believed that the settlement includes an agreement where Del Rio would not sue the company.