Backstage News From Dreamer’s House Of Hardcore VII, Why Del Rio Appeared, Injuries, More

By Marc Middleton | November 17, 2014

Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore VII event on Saturday night at the former ECW Arena was sold out with an additional 200 standing room tickets sold at the door. Dreamer was said to be very pleased with how the show went and how it was received by fans. I attended the show and it was easily the best wrestling show I’ve been to. There was a big buzz going outside of the arena before the show and a lot of excitement after the show.

There were a few injuries at the show. Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks suffered a groin injury during the main event against The Hardys. Eddie Kingston suffered bruised ribs during the match against Eddie Edwards when Edwards hit three dives to the floor in a row. The third dive caught Kingston hard.

The surprise appearance by Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez was put together by Dreamer to really pop the live crowd and that it did. The reaction when Ricardo first came out was huge but Del Rio’s reaction may have been as big as the reactions for Team 3D and The Sandman’s surprise appearances. Del Rio and Ricardo didn’t enter the arena until right before their appearance. Del Rio was very excited to work the arena and loved the atmosphere. You could tell during their segment and during in-ring photos at intermission that the two were genuinely excited to be there.

Alberto Del Rio Makes Surprise Appearance, Tommy Dreamer Gets TNA Title Shot, More From HOH VII

By Marc Middleton | November 16, 2014

Alberto Del Rio made a surprise appearance at Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore VII event in Philadelphia on Saturday night.

Following Christian York’s win over Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins), Myers cut a promo and refused to leave the ring. Ricardo Rodriguez made an appearance and introduced Del Rio to a huge reaction.

Del Rio talked about being excited to be in the ECW Arena for the first time and how just one week ago he thought he wouldn’t be able to wrestle in the United States for one year. Del Rio said he was invited to House of Hardcore by Dreamer and that in HOH they aren’t sports entertainers, they’re wrestlers. Myers tried to attack Del Rio but caught kicks from Ricardo and Del Rio, who then applied the cross armbreaker.

In other news from the show, Bobby Roode replaced an injured Ethan Carter III and defeated Tommy Dreamer in an Old School Extreme Rules Match. Roode put the TNA World Heavyweight Title on the line and said he got the call from Dixie Carter to replace her nephew. The match saw appearances from Thea Trinidad, Velvet Sky, CW Anderson, Spike Dudley and The Sandman. There was a great post-match segment with Dreamer and wife Beulah McGillicutty as this was her last time accompanying Dreamer to the ring. Dreamer, his daughters and the fans gave Beulah her farewell.

House of Hardcore VII also saw the return of Team 3D to the ECW Arena. The Wolves were scheduled to face Lance Archer and Harry Smith but Davey Richards had to miss the event due to a medical issue related to his paramedic job. This led to Team 3D making their big return to defeat Archer and Smith.

After the main event, Bully Ray did a promo about how Dreamer is for the fans and how House of Hardcore always delivers. Bully mentioned that HOH sold out the arena in its debut. Dreamer also spoke and said his goal was to do 4 shows this year and fans make him want to do maybe 4-8 shows next year. He also teased getting on TV. The event ended with the roster in the ring drinking beer as The Sandman’s music played.

We’ll have a full report from HOH up later.