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The World TV Title will be defended in Las Vegas

Alberto El Patrón vs Jay Lethal - Live on PPV - Sun, March 1st

Rumors of a dream match have swirled on social media but now it is official. The legendary, 2nd generation Mexican wrestling star, Alberto El Patrón, will challenge Jay Lethal for the Ring of Honor World Television Championship live on Pay Per View at our 13th Anniversary event.

Upon his arrival in ROH, Alberto El Patrón wanted an opportunity to speak with his fans on ROH Television. Alberto proclaimed that he was finally among the best wrestlers on the planet and he wanted a shot at the most important title in professional wrestling, the ROH World Championship. Lethal and his manager, Truth Martini took major offense to this and Lethal interrupted Alberto, telling him he should have done his homework before coming to class. Lethal made it known that he is the measuring stick for the best professional wrestler on the planet and that his championship was the most important.

Alberto proceeded to give Lethal the chance to prove his superiority to which Martini informed him it wasn’t the time. But Lethal demanded an apology and strongly asked for one a week later following Alberto’s successful TV debut match against Christopher Daniels. El Patrón responded with a slap across Lethal’s face but was jumped from behind by J. Diesel and Truth Martini.

While Alberto meant no disrespect when he said he wanted to face the ROH World Champion, Lethal has evidence to back up his claim of being the greatest champion in ROH. He holds every individual record associated with the ROH World Television Championship. He has faced and defeated nearly every top name in his time in Ring of Honor. The son of Dos Caras and nephew of Mil Mascaras, Alberto El Patrón has a storied athletic history ripe with amateur wrestling credentials, professional MMA and various professional wrestling championships.

This meeting of two very different athletes in the prime of their careers is something that does not happen very often. This rivalry has taken on a personal twist as Lethal feels Alberto overlooked him as a champion. El Patrón believes Lethal has challenged his manhood, something for which Alberto will not stand.

Can Lethal add Alberto El Patrón to the record list of contenders he has defeated? Can Alberto El Patrón make history by ending the historic reign of Lethal? To find out you will either need to be live in Las Vegas or on Pay per View!

With just one match confirmed, Ring of Honor’s 13th ANNIVERSARY is already a must-see event! If you can’t be there live, you can watch on pay-per-view. To purchase your tickets for March 1st in Las Vegas, click HERE!

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Matches signed

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