xrspook:因为有了 Alberto El Patrón在Lucha Underground 2015-02-11上的debut promo ,所以有了摔迷这篇感想。事实证明,真正的征服靠强迫、武力是做不到的!

It’s funny how in WWE, I really did not care for Alberto Del Rio.

I always recognized him as a great in ring worker, but as far as his Mexican American version of JBL gimmick went, he bored me to death with rants on how everything was his destiny. Now, seeing him as Alberto El Patron in Lucha Underground and all of this other shows and these interviews, I’m a huge fan of the guy.

Sure, some of it has to do with my sympathy for the bullshit he went through at the end of his WWE career, but it even goes beyond that. In interviews, he comes off as a really good guy. Add those two factors together, it seems as though he’s gained a lot of other people’s respect, love, and admiration. In WWE, there would be many times when the crowd would go dead for Alberto. Looking at his first promo in Lucha Underground, the crowd was lit for him. Why? Because he was himself with no bullshit gimmick attached. He even said it in his promo by throwing his jacket down and saying he doesn’t have to impress anyone any more; not when he’s surrounded by friends and family: the fans.

I honestly think Alberto would have been much more over if WWE let him be himself instead of putting a lame gimmick on him and feeding it down our throats until we were completely sick of it; much like they’re doing with Roman Reigns. Now, I like Roman Reigns…at least the Roman I’ve seen in interviews outside of WWE. That Roman Reigns seems like a cool guy. The WWE version of Roman Reigns…the Cena carbon copy that says “Sufferin’ Succotash”…that guy’s lame. That’s why some fans are turning on him all of a sudden. They think it’s lame too. If WWE really wants Roman to be the next big thing, that is not the route to go. Either let him be some silent but deadly character, or better yet…simply let him be himself.

Now I’m not saying WWE should get rid of all gimmicks or gimmicks don’t work. There are some excellent gimmicks out there right now: like Bray Wyatt for example. I am saying that sometimes, fans just need some guy you can relate to. That’s why so many fans gravitate towards guys like Daniel Bryan or Dolph Ziggler. Yeah, they both have certain catchphrases or monikers, but at the end of the day, they come off as just two guys who all they want to do and wrestle and entertain the fans, do what they love to do despite people saying they’re not good enough or they’re not who certain suits are looking for. A lot of people can relate to that and want to see them succeed. Just like how people look at Alberto El Patron and sees a guy who was done wrong due to racism and just wants a fresh start and doing what he loves/what he does best. Again, something many people (minorities in particular) can relate to.

I never meant to write some big essay or “rant” on gimmicks. I just wanted to comment on Alberto’s Lucha Underground debut (great stuff btw), but the fact remains that there is a time and place for gimmicks. If it’s the right gimmick for the right person, then hey, do the gimmick, but if it’s a shitty gimmick that derails their career rather than elevate it, then they might as well just be themselves.