xrspook:各种原因我觉得可分为2个——主观原因,Alberto El Patrón的确伤了没好;客观原因,315就是AAA的大show Rey de Reyes,他们不想冒头牌因为受伤未好且可能会因为El Patrón私人的计划而让伤情加重的风险。反正,如果Alberto自己是好好的,AAA或许不会阻止其参加313和314的Road To Glory 2015(但直接就连315了,时间太紧迫,不能有任何航班延误!),但是现在这状况,大家懂的。休是要休的,但是否真的就得不能摔角表演呢,我觉得有危险性,但Alberto并非完全不可以。

Alberto Del Rio Update

Published Tuesday, 10th March 2015

From Steven Fludder, owner of PCW:

I have some bad news sadly. Alberto Del Rio has withdrawn from the shows this weekend due to a leg injury sustained last week. I was hoping it was part of some storyline or other scenario as he was tweeting Matt Hardy about the show on Saturday. So I did just brush it under the carpet as the last rumour I read on a dirt sheet was Uhaa Nation turning up at NXT while he was sitting on a flight to England.

I found out about Alberto pulling out last night when we spoke on the phone so I have not known for long. Alberto was disappointed to withdraw but with pressure from his full time employers AAA to rest the leg injury he was pushed to call me with the bad news.

I am actively seeking a replacement name as we speak! Love to hear your suggestions as PCW is as much the fans promotion as it is my own. I have not had any sleep and may have overlooked some obvious person so feel free to comment with names. I do pride myself on delivering what I say and even though this is a rare occurrence that was out of my hands I still feel a need to give fans the most for their money. I do have some funds to play around with and Alberto said he would return the deposit and also AAA would refund my flight money so at least that is not an issue. TNA, ROH are both running so their names are not possible but all options are being considered right now.

With regards to people who have bought combos for Del Rio give me time to work on a replacement so I can offer a refund or exchange. Supertickets are the same. You won’t lose your money so please don’t in any way feel you will lose a penny it’s just a crazy time right now for me.

Obviously this stuff happens and it’s a first time for PCW. I still have some time to play with so hang in there with me! I didn’t sleep last night and don’t have plans for tonight either until I can get somebody else confirmed. Obviously my contact list is as long as Bubblegum casual female friends list so I am confident I can get somebody in.

I will still deliver an amazing show so don’t worry about that! Just hope you all understand the situation. Can I also ask for no inbox messages on this subject as I want to tell all the same information so when I know something I will post here.

UPDATE 2 11.03.15 - 8am - I have managed to secure the services of two solid international talents to replace Alberto Del Rio!We also have a guest unannounced international star (Friday only) we didnt announce so three names to come!

Superticket holders - You will get the two replacement names and the Friday guest name(meet & greet post show on Friday only).

Alberto Del Rio Combo Holders - You can have a refund or will get the two replacement names and the Friday guest name(meet & greet post show on Friday only). So three for the price of one. Or you can use your combo on any other star name instead!

Alberto Del Rio Photo or Autograph Voucher Holders - You can have a refund or will get the two replacement names and the Friday guest name(meet & greet post show on Friday only). So three for the price of one. Or you can use your photo voucher on any other star name instead!

I hope you understand and like the replacements! With so little time it was not easy to get anybody nevermind two names!

Final Edit - Carlito and Chirstopher Daniels Announced! One to go on Friday ;)


Major Changes & New International Name Announced For Preston City Wrestling ‘Road To Glory 2015′

Posted on March 11, 2015 by Wrestle Ropes

Preston City Wrestling have announced major changes for their March 13th & 14th shows, ‘Road To Glory 2015′ at Evoque, Preston.

It has been confirmed that due to an injury, Alberto Del Rio will no longer be able to participate at ‘Road To Glory 2015′ on March 13th & 14th. The full article on Del Rio’s withdrawal can be read on the official PCW website, here. Preston City Wrestling have therefore announced that Alberto Del Rio will be replaced by the former WWE Intercontinental champion, Carlito who shall now take the place of Del Rio in the tournament and face T-Bone on March 13th in a Round One match.