Alberto El Patron (Del Rio) chats candidly w/ Soscia!

Published on Mar 14, 2015


Just prior to tearing his quad muscle, @VivaDelRio AKA Alberto Del Rio, and now Alberto El Patron called @THEBrianSoscia to chat about his career, what does bringing his star power to Lucha Underground will mean, Does he feel WWE is the “holy grail”? Does he feel that you have to work w/ WWE in order to call yourself a success in the wrestling business? How important is it for Lucha Libre stars to learn English before they compete in the United States? Whys does he think Sin Cara didn’t do well in WWE? Does he find it easier to become friends w/ fellow 2nd or 3rd generation wrestlers? What did he d before wrestling? Did he go to college? What was his major? Why did his legendary Father Dos Caras didn’t want him the business right away? Would he want his kids to get involved in the wrestling industry? Does his Father give him feed back on his matches? He then goes onto talk about his first wrestling match and sharing the ring w/ his Dad. He was the 1st person in his family tree to turn heel. Was his family upset about the decision to turn heel? Were they upset that he took his Lucha Libre mask off? Is he more comfortable to wrestle with or without the mask? Since Rey Mysterio will there be another masked star coming down the pike? Who came up with the idea of a personal ring announcer? What separates Lucha Underground from all the other promotions in the world? All of this plus much more!