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Lucha Underground Results (3/25): Alberto El Patron Defends, Lucha Underground World Title Match

By Sean Ross Sapp | March 25, 2015

Angelico vs. Son of Havoc (w/ Ivelisse)

Havoc clotheslines Angelico and misses a dive, but recovers and beats Angelico down anyway. Havoc follows up with a curb stomp, but it only gets two. Angelico fights back with a big knee, but only gets two.

Havoc gets kicked to the outside of the ring and Angelico lands a flip dive over the top rope. Back in the ring Havoc gains the advantage with a kick and standing star press, but only gets a two count. A big backbreaker also gets two.

Ivelisse distracts Angelico, which allows Havoc to hit a big double foot stomp and another standing star press, but Angelico kicks out. Angelico goes for Fall of the Angel, but Havoc reverses it into a huracanrana.

Havoc goes to the top rope but gets kicked, allowing Angelico to follow him up. Havoc crotches Angelico, but grabs a mic. He says he knows why he’s been losing. He dumps Ivelisse and hits a Shooting Star Press for his win.

Winner: Son of Havoc via pinfall (Shooting Star Press)

After the match Angelico gazes at Ivelisse, but gets knocked out with a kick.

Hernandez is backstage with Dario Cueto, signing a contract with Lucha Underground. He dismissively shakes Cueto’s hand.

AAA World Championship Bullrope Match Alberto El Patron (c) vs. Texano

Texano takes advantage early by attacking AEP, but ends up getting DDT’d and whipped with the rope. AEP follows up with a big superplex and a clothesline. He then beats Texano with a cowbell. AEP can’t get the three count as Texano kicks out.

Texano runs El Patron into a chair wedged between the ropes, but can’t put him away. Patron fights back and gets Texano to the top rope, but gets powerbombed off the top through the table. El Patron kicks out! El Patron locks on the Armbar in the ropes and Texano taps!

Winner: Alberto El Patron via submission (Rope hung armbar) to retain the AAA World Championship

Prince Puma is backstage getting boxing training from Konnan when Hernandez shows up. He and Puma fist bump, but Puma looks unsure.

Lucha Underground Championship Boyle Heights Street Fight Prince Puma (c)(w/ Konnan) vs. Cage

Dario Cueto introduces the new championship title before the match, and it’s a work of art.

Puma comes out aggressive, but quickly gets powerbombed into the ring post by Cage. Hernandez is seen sitting in the front row as Cage slams Puma into the barrier and grabs a chair. Puma turns the tides and hits a Van Daminator on Cage.

Puma goes outside, gets a trash can lid and beats the breaks off of Cage with it. The crowd wants tables, so Prince Puma obliges and pulls one out. Cage comes around the ring and blasts Puma with a trash can lid.

Back in the ring Cage hits a Rack into a lungblower, but Puma manages to kick out. Cage goes outside and Puma hits an awesome Shooting Star Press from the top rope to a standing Cage! Puma lays Cage on the table and lands a springboard 450. That was completely insane.

Puma rolls Cage in the ring, but Cage kicks out at two. Outside the ring, Cage puts a chair around Cage’s neck and runs him into the ring post, then attacks Konnan.

The two get back in the ring and Puma gains the advantage yet again. He misses a big 630 and Cage scores with a big discus clothesline for two. He looks like he has Puma finished with Weapon X, but throws mounted punches instead of pinning Puma. He follows up with a double powerbomb on to the trash can.

Cage calls out Hernandez and takes a swing at him, but Konnan is behind him and clocks Cage with the cane. Puma gets back up to the top rope, hits the 630 and wins.

Winner: Prince Puma via pinfall (630) to retain the Lucha Underground World Championship